Canadian TV personality Dina Pugliese talks feeling 'scrutinized' in the 'fishbowl' of working on television

The former "Breakfast Televison" host says kids are being "bombarded" with "images of perfection" online.

Dina Pugliese took to social media to show her support for Tracy Moore. (Image via Getty Images)
Dina Pugliese took to social media to show her support for Tracy Moore. (Image via Getty Images)

Dina Pugliese is showing her support for fellow Canadian TV host Tracy Moore, who recently revealed her weight during an episode of "Cityline."

Over the weekend, Pugliese shared her thoughts on Moore's decision to share her weight with viewers in an attempt to demonstrate how bodies carry the same weight differently.

"My friend Tracy Moore is having some very important discussions about weight, size, health, self-worth and happiness. I thought it was worth sharing some thoughts on it, too," the former "Breakfast Television" captioned her post, which shared a screenshot of her message to Moore.

Pugliese said she experienced "serious self-loathing" growing up and comparing herself to bodies she saw on TV shows like "Beverly Hills: 90210." The 49-year-old said she would go on to have her own body "scrutinized on the daily" working in "a fishbowl" of television.

"I can’t imagine what kids and teens are feeling today. They are bombarded with images of 'perfection' on social media, film, TV," she wrote. "Add to that filters, number of followers, likes… it’s a never ending race to compete and compare."

Pugliese said there were "far too many unrealistic expectations" put on people and "not enough living, laughing, being creative and having fun!"

"I hope all of this discourse serves as a reminder that at the end of the day, working on our inner selves and trying to take care of the vessels that carry us, will never steer us wrong," she wrote. "As is limiting our consumption of people and things that make us feel crappy."

In the screenshot of her message to Moore, Pugliese said she hoped people could "work on their inner selves" and enjoy "eating foods that fuel, moving our bodies when we can, resting well and reducing stress… rather than have our weight or dress size dictate our worth.”

Moore responded to Pugliese's post in the comments, writing, "Thanks for the shout-out my girl. And I love the idea of all of us giving up on the game and all of us winning."

"I love this so much! Especially now, the beginning of the New Year," wrote one follower. "Everyone looks at something they feel is negative about themselves that they want to “fix” the dreaded New Year’s resolution. Why not grow a positive that you can share like kindness, compliments, laughter and your heart!"

"Well said, Dina," another wrote. "The size of our heart is powerful and the power of mindful thinking serves to fuel kindness. Living with a teen that struggles with body image and years with an eating disorder that is present behind it all, is a topic that often hovers its weight in our home. One day those of us that can truly bond together and champion what matters most will win over those that can’t see past the surface. Thank you for sharing with us all!"

Last week, Moore shared an Instagram Reel containing footage of her weight reveal on "Cityline," as well as a follow-up message addressing weight stigma.

"That time I revealed my weight on national TV," Moore penned in the on-screen text before reflecting on her bold on-air moment.

"Everyone can see my body every day, what difference does the number make?," she questioned. "It would be a radical act if we could just love ourselves and then maybe we can go ahead and start healing the people around us."

She added: "So now you know my weight. Does it change the way you feel about me?

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