'The Diplomat' Season 2 Will Premiere This Year

the diplomat keri russell as kate wyler in episode 101 of the diplomat cr alex baileynetflix © 2023
'The Diplomat' Season 2 NewsAlex Bailey/Netflix

Spoilers ahead for The Diplomat season one. If you haven't watched yet, turn back now!

Netflix's new political thriller, The Diplomat, starring Keri Russell as U.S. Ambassador Kate Wyler was one of our favorite TV shows of 2023.

The final episode of season one ends on a major cliffhanger: Just as Kate (Russell) and Austin Dennison (David Gyasi) realize that Prime Minister Nicol Trowbridge (Rory Kinnear) was likely behind the terror attack on his own country, a car bomb explodes in London—possibly harming Kate's husband, Hal Wyler (Rufus Sewell), along with embassy employees Stuart (Ato Essandoh), and Ronnie (Jess Chanliau). The dramatic ending of season one left many fans wondering if The Diplomat will return for a season two.

the diplomat keri russell as kate wyler in episode 108 of the diplomat cr alex baileynetflix © 2023
The season finale was full of shocking moments. Alex Bailey / Netflix

Just two weeks after the premiere, Netflix confirmed: Yes, The Diplomat will return for a second season. "Fans around the world are loving every minute of The Diplomat’s gripping and propulsive drama, and embracing Keri Russell's powerful performance as Kate Wyler," Jinny Howe, vice president of Netflix’s drama series, said in a statement. "After that jaw-dropping cliffhanger, we can’t wait for them to see what the amazing visionary team of Debora Cahn, Janice Williams and Keri Russell have in store for Season 2." The show will premiere sometime in 2024, but no date has been announced yet.

In season two, we will likely see the return of Keri Russell, David Gyasi, and Ali Ahn—but the fates of the other characters is left up in the air. As 2024 begins, casting news for The Diplomat has begun to trickle out: Allison Janney will join the cast as Vice President Grace Penn, Variety reported.

david gyasi as austin dennison and keri russell as kate wyler
David Gyasi as Austin Dennison and Keri Russell as Kate Wyler in the season one finale of The Diplomat.Alex Bailey/Netflix

Creator Debora Cahn has spoken about working on long-running series, and plotting multi-season arcs. "I have been fortunate in my life to work on a lot of long-running series, so I think that’s how I think," she told Elle. "I look for stories that can go on for a long time because, for me, the excitement of being able to go in really deep with characters you already know and you have a relationship with is fantastic. I still don’t know if this is going to be that series or if it’s this eight-hour story. You plan for the best version and hope for the best version and we’ll see what happens."

Cahn said of returning for season two, "We’re so glad we get to do it again!"

We'll update this as soon as we learn more about The Diplomat season two.

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