Divorce Does Not Mean Failure, Maria Akopyan Founder Of Dignified Divorce Coaching Is Flipping The Script On How People View Divorce

Divorce in our society is considered a failure, a relationship that did not make it that casts an air of shame and judgment upon those involved. This negative mindset and perspective of divorce make it an even more intimidating and confusing process to go through. Decisions that will affect people for the rest of their lives are made in anger, fear, and uncertainty, and the experience can be traumatizing for years afterward. Maria Akopyan, family law attorney, and founder of Dignified Divorce Coaching has a different perspective and has a mission to change the way women view divorce and themselves as an individual by taking the shame of failure out of it.

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Akopyan takes a different approach, for her, it is not about divorce being destructive, as it is about divorce being a reorganization and restructuring of a family unit, made with positive intent. Her goal is to take the old paradigm of divorce meaning failure and turning it into a transformative process. This unique, holistic approach is a heart-centered, conscious, and mindful way of navigating the process of divorce, and boosts women to a place where they feel empowered and ready for a new, healthy, and vibrant chapter of their lives.

Along with being a very experienced family law attorney Akopyan is a certified life and divorce coach and is trained in family therapy. She is a hand to hold, a compassionate guide, who provides the tools needed for women to walk away from divorce without it being such a negative experience. She began Dignified Divorce Coaching after seeing so many clients devastated in the divorce process and so many others making some of the most costly mistakes because they simply didn’t know better. Akopyan is on a mission to show that there is a better way to go about it.

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With her deep wealth of knowledge and experience in both the divorce process and the human psyche, Akopyan offers training and a support network to women, that is driven by the concepts of self-love and personal growth. Divorce is the end of something and the beginning of a new journey, so thinking about the process with the end in mind is the approach that Akopyan takes. Her focus is not on placing blame for the divorce or reliving the things that went wrong, it is about moving forward on a new path, without the baggage and pain holding one back. A large part of that is productively addressing divorce emotions so that by the end of the divorce decisions are not being driven by pain and emotion, instead, they are made with the intent of creating the best future for everyone involved.

Divorce is not something people should simply survive, the experience can be a starting point for something more fulfilling, and an opportunity to reinvent oneself as a stronger, happier, healthier person. Akopyan gets into the physical and emotional effects divorce has on the body and mind, and shows women how to work through them, and get to a place where they are thriving. She works on opening their minds up to new perspectives, making divorce simply one more challenge they overcome, and look back on remembering themselves as being dignified throughout.

Viewing divorce as a place of growth, self-love, empowerment, and an opportunity for a transformation to a better life is not the way most people in the divorce industry think, Akopyan hopes to fill this void and start a new trend of peaceful and simplified divorce. Akopyan offers individual coaching to her clients, a group support network, free downloadable resources, and free online training through the Dignified Divorce Coaching website, dignifieddivorcecoaching.com, as well as an in-depth online coaching program called “Divorcing With Dignity.”