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Do these viral cleaning products live up to the hype? An expert weighs in

Do these viral cleaning products live up to the hype? An expert weighs in.

orange cleaning gloves cleaning bathroom sink, Yahoo Canada asked cleaning expert Kim Dunn to review some of the most popular viral cleaning products.
An expert put eight viral cleaning products to the test. (Getty)

Yahoo Canada asked cleaning expert Kim Dunn to review some of the most popular viral cleaning products.

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When it comes to the latest and greatest in cleaning essentials, not everything lives up to the hype — especially when it comes to viral TikTok products.

While it would be great to be able to test everything that comes across your For You Page, it's not always feasible, let alone financially responsible.

Instead, we reached out to Kim Dunn, a cleaning expert and brand ambassador for Molly Maid, who put a selection of viral cleaning products to the test for us.

Curious to know which ones are worth the purchase and which ones you may want to skip? Keep reading for all of her insider tips, tricks and favourite products.

The Bissell Little Green permanently removes tough stains and works great on stairs, upholstery and more.

$139 at Amazon

Best for: Removing stains and odours from carpet, furniture and upholstery.

How does it work? The Little Green works with stain and spot cleaner to provide a deep clean and suction out dirt and deep stains from food, liquids and pets. To use, you fill the removable water tank with warm water and add two regular size capfuls of cleaning solution — and get to work.

Is it worth it? Definitely: As a pet owner herself, Dunn has long been a big fan of the Little Green cleaner: It's lightweight, portable and has "fantastic suction." Because it's portable, you can use the machine both indoors and outdoors — ideal for showing your car upholstery some extra love.

Insider tip: The Little Green cleaner an ideal product for pet owners as well as parents, but be sure that you're replacing the tank's water as you clean. Dunn cautions that because it's a small unit, it also has a small tank that will need to be emptied frequently if you're hoping to tackle a large job.

The EasyWring System is designed with a built-in wringer and foot pedal, offering hands-free wringing and precise water control.

$66 at Amazon

Best for: Cleaning hard floors such as tile, laminate and wood.

How does it work? This microfibre mop comes with a unique bucket that uses a built-in wringer. A foot pedal powers the spinning motion that allows for hands-free wringing, saving time in your cleaning routine.

Is it worth it? No: Of all the viral products that Dunn put to the test, this was her least favourite. While a good idea in theory, Dunn was unimpressed by the spinner pedal, which she says feels "cheap" and unlikely to stand the test of time. She also wasn't a fan of the mop head, as she felt that the plastic could potentially cause scratches to floors as you clean.

Insider tip: If you do plan on giving this mop and bucket a try, Dunn recommends using "super hot water" and a well-wrung-out mop to clean your floors. This method helps the water evaporate quickly, leaving less streaking and water spots behind.

The Damp Duster collects and traps dust in one quick wipe.

$15 at Amazon

Best for: Collecting and trapping dust from surfaces around the home.

How does it work? This reusable sponge is activated when wet and removes dust, pet fur and hair from all kinds of surfaces without the need for cleaning chemicals.

Is it worth it? Yes: Dunn is a strong supporter of the Scrub Daddy Damp Duster, noting that "it lives up to all claims made, plus more." The grooves on this duster are what sets it apart, as they trap the dust and are able to clean between blinds, along rough wood edges and more. Dunn admits that she was "crazy impressed" by how much this sponge was able to pick up, even from recently dusted surfaces.

Insider tip: Be sure to clean this duster under running water, as the motion of the water is what helps to wash away hair and dust.

The OXO Good Grips windshield wiper blade design provides a smooth, resistance-free swipe.

$15 at Amazon

Best for: Cleaning bathroom surfaces, including glass, tiles and porcelain, as well as windows and mirrors.

How does it work? This bathroom squeegee uses wiper blade technology with a silicone blade for a clean, streak-free finish.

Is it worth it? Yes: Dunn calls this squeegee "wonderful" to use on shower doors, bathroom mirrors and windows. Its silicone blade easily gets into corners, and its "well-made" construction should stand the test of time. According to Dunn, the only con about this squeegee is is hefty price tag.

Insider tip: Thanks to the hooked handle, Dunn suggests hanging this squeegee from your shampoo rack, shower head, or shower door handles for quick access. "It's a silly feature, but it was fantastic," she says.

This three-pack of drain snakes is great for hair removal.

$9 at Amazon

Best for: Unclogging sinks and bathtub drains.

How does it work? These 20" drain snakes are made from flexible plastic, with spiked teeth that grab onto and remove buildup from your sink or tub. This tool is easy to use and also rinses off for re-use, potentially saving hundreds of dollars on a plumber's visit.

Is it worth it? Yes: Just don't expect them to last forever. Dunn admits that these drain snakes "worked really well" on her shower drain and sink, but the teeth aren't the most durable.

"After using [it] a couple of times, the teeth started to bend a little bit, so you'll have to buy more over time," she says.

Insider tip: Dunn suggests using this clog remover once a month as a preventative measure while taking care not to twist it as you pull it back out. This will help prevent any clogs from snagging, making it easier to remove in one piece.

This microwave cleaner produces steam to help soften leftover stains and messes.

$16 at Amazon

Best for: Removing dried-on stains from the inside of your microwave.

How does it work? The Angry Mama is a plastic figurine that you fill with a mixture of water and vinegar and place inside the microwave to deodorize and remove caked-on food splatters. Once the microwave turns on, the liquid heats up and the resulting steam helps break down tough food stains.

Is it worth it? Yes, but with a caveat.

"If you like kitschy, cutesy things, then this product is for you," says Dunn. However, she notes that this microwave cleaner works best on small to medium-sized microwaves. For larger appliances, the Angry Mama may not produce enough steam to effectively loosen stains.

Insider tip: If you're looking to achieve the same results with products that you already have around the house, Dunn suggests a 2L glass measuring cup filled with a cup of water and 1/2 cup of vinegar, but water with lemon slices will also do the trick.

This 2-in-1 Magic Broom is great for cleaning liquid, pet hair and more, 

$13 at Walmart

Best for: Removing dirt, dust and pet hair from a variety of surfaces.

How does it work? This unique broom uses a silicone panel rather than natural or synthetic bristles for easy cleaning once you're done sweeping. It also claims to work well when cleaning windows.

Is it worth it? Not quite. According to Dunn, the silicone head of the broom makes it more "hygienic" and extremely lightweight. She claims that it also works well to remove dust and pet hair from flat surfaces, and the included hanging clip that lets you attach the broom to the wall is an added bonus.

However, Dunn cautions that this broom doesn't work as well as some of its viral videos might claim — especially on uneven surfaces like stone tiles or textured wood planks. She also found the broom handle to be "way too short" to use around the house. For that reason and the fact that it didn't live up to its viral video claims, she gives this one a "thumbs down."

Insider tip: Dunn has tried using this broom on a range of surfaces and said it works best on smooth, flat surfaces. While you can use it to clean floors, she also suggests using it to clean cobwebs from the ceiling.

This silicone toilet brush has a no-slip plastic handle and flexible bristles.

$23 at Amazon

Best for: What else? Cleaning toilets.

How does it work? Unlike traditional toilet brushes that can trap bacteria, this one uses a silicone head with flexible and easy-to-clean bristles. With its ventilated base, this toilet brush also dries out quickly after use — so say goodbye to dirty pooling water.

Is it worth it? Yes: According to Dunn, the cleaning from this toilet cleaner is "on par with a regular toilet brush." However, the ventilated holder makes this a worthwhile buy, as the brush dries quickly and isn't left sitting in bacteria-filled water like other brushes.

Insider tip: Because of its uniquely-shaped brush head and silicone bristles, Dunn shares that there can be some getting used to when you start using this toilet cleaner. According to her, "practice makes perfect" to get the hang of the cleaning motion with this brush.

Bonus: WD-40 Multi-Use Product

WD-40 inhibits rust, lubricates, removes grease and stickiness and more. 

$13 at Amazon

While it hasn't caught on as a TikTok-approved cleaning product (yet!), Dunn revealed that WD40 is one of her best-kept cleaning hacks in the kitchen.

"I use WD40 to clean all of my stainless steel in the kitchen. WD40 is like a miracle cleaner," she says. "All you're going to do is take your microfiber cloth [with] a spritz or two of WD40, and you're going to rub it with the grain of the stainless steel."

The WD40 helps to prevent fingerprints from showing, removes water marks and keeps stainless steel looking clean and shiny.

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