Dominic West Says He "Spent Two Days In Bed" After 'The Crown' Premiered

dominic west as prince charles, olivia williams as camilla credit justin downing
Dominic West Stayed in Bed After 'The Crown'Justin Downing/Netflix

Dominic West is glad to be finished with The Crown. The actor, who portrayed Prince Charles in the royal drama's final two seasons, joked in a recent interview with BBC Radio 4, "It’s such a relief now to go back to theatre and not have to talk about the monarchy anymore."

West said that when his seasons of The Crown premiered, he was worried for the British royal family's reaction—and the general public's response to the show. "I don’t want to make their lives any more difficult than they already are, so I suppose it does concern you." He added, "All reactions worry me. I read all the reviews and spent two days in bed. So yes, I’m a sensitive soul, I worry about what people think."

Yet, ultimately for West, working on the Netflix show was a positive experience. As he says, "I loved being on it. I loved wearing the clothes. I loved driving the cars and I loved having people bow to me. It’s an absolutely wonderful feeling."

Ahead of the season six premiere, West told Town & Country that he misses King Charles. "I'm still reading all the news articles about him," West said. "I adore him. I feel real affection for him, which I didn't particularly feel before. And having watched him for so long, I don't feel I'm any closer or more knowledgeable about him but he does fascinate me. He's likable, as well as an interesting character."

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