Donald Trump Jr. called 'sexist' after sharing actor's suggestive tweet shaming Chelsea Handler

Donald Trump Jr. has a new celebrity enemy in his sightline: comedian Chelsea Handler.

He also has a new ally: actor James Woods, who has joined the president’s eldest son in attacking Handler online.

Trump and Woods have joked about Handler’s private life. (Photo: Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Communities in Schools of Los Angeles)

It all started Tuesday, when Handler tweeted that she “can’t wait” for the younger Trump to “flip on his father,” a reference to speculation that Trump Jr. may be the latest White House figure to strike a deal with special counsel Robert Mueller.

POTUS‘s son soon fired off a rebuttal, which poked fun at Handler’s comedy career and told her to “stay away from politics.” Handler, a liberal, has recently been using her platform to support female politicians.

The encounter caught the attention of Woods, who turned Trump’s reference to Handler “sucking at two things” (i.e., comedy and politics) into a provocative, shaming gibe. Trump — whose stepmother, Melania Trump, railed against cyberbullying last week — voiced his support for Woods’s remark.

James Woods joined Trump’s takedown of Handler. (Photo: Todd Williamson/Getty Images)

While Woods, who has starred in such films as Casino and Ghosts of Mississippi, received praise from followers for his crude comment, Trump has been scolded for not “keeping it classy.” One critic even tagged his younger sister, Ivanka Trump, to alert her to the “sexist” exchange.

Handler, meanwhile, has not responded.

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