Will Donna Kelce Not Be in a Suite With Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl? I Have Doubts

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Color me skeptical. Donna Kelce, mother of both Philadelphia Eagles player Jason Kelce and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, says she will probably be in the stands for the Super Bowl on Sunday, noting that the suites at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas are going for millions of dollars.

Yeah, Taylor Swift is gonna hook it up—let's be real.

“You can understand that the boxes in Vegas are multimillion dollars,” the mom of two told Today ahead of the big game. “So I have a feeling I’m not in a box; I have a feeling I’m in the stands. As far as I know, I’m in the stands with everybody else because it is a pricey Super Bowl.”

Suuuuuure. Donna Kelce was basically the star of last year's Super Bowl, which saw both of her sons playing and was colloquially dubbed the Kelce Bowl. And her star has only risen since her younger son's romance with the biggest pop star in the world.

Yes, the suites might be fetching insane prices (this is the most expensive Super Bowl in history, by the way), but Taylor Swift is getting a suite, and there's just no way her boyfriend's mom won't at least get an offer to join her.

(How do I know for certain Swift won't be in the stands? Her security team would never allow it.)

If you watched Amazon's Kelce documentary, you know that even for the well-paid players of the NFL, Super Bowl tickets are a headache. Jason's wife, Kylie, was shown stressing about how much the family was spending to sit together. This year 49ers player Christian McCaffrey's mom also mentioned being unable to secure a suite to watch her son play, prompting McCaffrey's fiancée, Olivia Culpo, to promise to pay for one. A promise that Christian had to tell her to nix (because he's paying or working out another deal or they found seats? Unclear).

But all of this is to say, Swift is a billionaire and she's getting a damn suite. And she's totally inviting Travis Kelce's mom. And heck, maybe Christian McCaffrey's mom. The drama would be delicious.

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