17 Funny Signs From This Past Week That'll Make You Giggle, Chortle, And Everything In Between

February is already here (how???), so let's forget about the cruel passage of time for a moment and laugh at the funniest signs of the week, courtesy of r/funnysigns:

1."Circle K is fed up."

A sign on a soda fountain saying "If you are buying slushies and videoing for TikTok in our store or parking lot, the police will be called"

2."Hmmm, tough choice."

"Jesus or Hello Kitty!" sign on a fence

3."Seeing double."

"Carrots may be good for your eyes, but booze will double your vision"

4."Says what it says."

"Myass open 6 am" that's supposed to look like the McDonald's M and "YASS open 6 am

5."They had to put up a sign. 🤣"

"Do not click buttons with genitalia / Cameras are watching" at the University of Alabama

6."Don't act like a human."

Beach sign in the sand: "On the beach and in the sea, animals do not leave trash; humans do / Please behave like animals"

7."These things shouldn't exist."

A cord with two plugs crossed out, with the sign "These are not made they should never be made we will not make them we will not help make them"

8."Rules of forensics lab."

"Lab rules" include "Never lick the spoon, hot glass looks just like cold glass, if you don't know what you're doing, at least do it neatly, and you can't detect an odorless gas by smell"

9."Yeah, me too."

"Raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip are the main reason I have trust issues"

10."We're gonna die as a species..."

"Caution: Do not insert in mouth or rectum" sign above a gas nozzle

11."They just want to help a little, right?"

Road sign: "Adopt a highway / the Satanic Temple Arizona"

12."Exactly the way our ancestors met."

"Meet people the old-fashioned way: through alcohol and poor judgment"

13."Well, then, I’m definitely going in!"

Restaurant sign on chalkboard: "Inside: great food, awesome coffee, friendly people / Outside: I dunno, raptors probably — I wouldn't risk it"

14."Jon is right."

"Barber Jon's: If we can't make you look good, you're ugly!"

15."In a pizza joint bathroom..."

"Wash your hands after using the restroom! Otherwise this [two people shaking hands] becomes this: [two people with their hands down each other's pants]

16."This is actually hilarious."

"ollege of Architecture and Planning" sign with the "C" missing because it's not wide enough

17."Too cold here."

"It's too cold to change the sign" in the middle of a snowy scene

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