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'Doubles the space': Declutter your cabinets with these clever $4 coffee mug organizers from Amazon

These stackers maximize room in your cupboard — plus they're adjustable to fit cups of all sizes.

Does it feel like you're involved in a real-life version of Jenga every time you go to retrieve a coffee mug from your cluttered cabinet? Getting pummeled in the head by a rogue ceramic cup first thing in the morning is no way to live, my friend! Not to mention, having mugs take up every square inch of surface area in the pantry isn't the most efficient use of space. No wonder thousands of Amazon shoppers rely on Elypro Coffee Mug Organizers to keep their drinking vessels neatly stacked. These nifty doodads offer a simple solution that'll make you go, "Why didn't I think of that?" and you can get a pack of six for $25.

Messy cabinets? Onward and upward! Like, literally upward — these stackers store your cups vertically to save tons of space. 

  • Adjustable to fit a variety of mug sizes
  • Less likelihood of chipping compared to storing mugs inside one another
  • Zero installation required
  • Removing the top mug from the stack requires a gentle touch
  • A bit pricey at $4 apiece
$25 at Amazon

As far as cabinet organizers go, these mug stackers might be the most smartly designed on the market. Sure, you could hang hooks, but then you're left with a bunch of dangling cups which, in my experience, tend to clink against one another — it never feels very stable and doesn't look as tidy.

What's unique about the Elypro Coffee Mug Organizers is that they allow you to stack your cups on top of one another with hardly a gap in between, to really maximize space. Each one is shaped like a circle with three arms jutting out to act as a little table. Place one mug right side up in your cabinet, secure the organizer on top and place a second cup upside down over that. The three pegs attached to the arms help keep the top mug from sliding off, and you won't have to worry about chipping the same way you would if you were storing the mugs inside one another.

The coolest part? They're adjustable! You'll be able to use them on mugs of all different sizes (not those super-jumbo ones, but certainly most standard sizes). And in addition to cabinets, they can be used as discreet organizers for display cases.

blue mugs neatly stored atop one another in a cabinet via orange mug organizers
Watch your noggin! These sturdy mug organizers stack neatly and will help keep a jumbled mess of mugs from tumbling out every time you open your cabinets. (Amazon)

Over 3,300 Amazon customers have sung their praises by way of a perfect five-star rating.

"This is a game-changer for cluttered cabinets," raved one buyer. "In the past, stacking mugs created a precarious situation and would result in some of them breaking and becoming unusable. Now, the mugs are safely and neatly stacked without fear of them falling."

"Such a space-saver," agreed another happy user. "Easy to use and doubles the space in your cabinet for mugs. The adjustable size makes it useful for most mug sizes. Such a simple thing, but really useful."

"I worried about how stable they would be when putting the top cup on, but the worry was needless," admitted a third. "I even poked at [it] to see if it would topple, but the upper cup stayed put."

One mostly content reviewer did note: "The only downside is when you need a mug, you have to make sure you lift it over the pegs on these or you're likely to turn over the cup on the bottom of the stack."

And some buyers, who were otherwise satisfied with the set, made mention of the cost. "My only negative comment is the price is really high for six little plastic discs," wrote a final fan, "but [I've] never seen anything that useful, and it’s cheaper than replacing the glasses!"

Get 'em in blue, black or orange. 

$25 at Amazon

And if your fridge could use a little help (you know it could!), here's a handy gadget.

This No. 1 bestselling fridge lazy Susan was designed to maximize space while minimizing food waste. It's rectangular to make the best use of your fridge shelves, and it rotates 360 degrees so you can easily see — and remember — everything you have before it spoils. 

"Gone are the days of old sauces, jars and containers getting stuck in the back of the fridge to turn into a forgotten fuzzy science experiment," shared an impressed shopper. "This amazing turntable makes everything on the tray really easy to grab and find, we are a lot less wasteful because we have access to it all on the turntable. We love it!"

$20 at Amazon

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