Drag Race UK vs The World: Meet the queens

Drag Race UK vs The World S2
Meet the queens of Drag Race UK vs The World S2 (Image: BBC/World of Wonder)

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs The World series is on its way. After a reveal over the weekend, we now know who the 11 queens competing for the title of Queen of the Mothertucking World are.

They are Tia Kofi, Gothy Kendoll, Choriza May, Jonbers Blonde, Mayhem Miller, Scarlet Envy, Hannah Conda, Arantxa Castilla-La Mancha, Keta Minaj, La Grande Dame, and Marina Summers.

As well as the title, the queens will also be competing for a cash prize.

Check out the queens below:

Arantxa Castilla-La Mancha – Drag Race España S1

Drag Race UK
Arantxa Castilla-La Mancha (Image: BBC/World of Wonder)

“Listen, I’m not saying I’m going to be the Queen of the Mothertucking World, but I am! This crown is mine. You better be ready.”

Hannah Conda – Drag Race Down Under S2

Drag Race UK
Hannah Conda (Image: BBC/World of Wonder)

“This little snake is going to slither into your heart and slay the game. I will do anything it takes to win this. Anything!”

Jonbers Blonde – Drag Race UK S4

DR UK vs TW S2
Jonbers Blonde (Image: BBC/World of Wonder)

“I’m bigger, bolder, blonder. Blonder? There’s a tagline for you.”

Keta Minaj – Drag Race Holland S2

DR UK vs TW S2
Keta Minaj (Image: BBC/World of Wonder)

“I can dance, I can act, I can lip sync, I can give a fierce performance. I wanna give you the fantasy. I’m dark, I’m mysterious. I’m ready to show the world what it is to be a superstar.”

Choriza May – Drag Race UK S3

Drag Race UK
Choriza May (Image: BBC/World of Wonder)

“This season, I am telling you there will be no double elimination for me as I’m bringing the BDE now, more than ever!”

La Grande Dame – Drag Race France S1

DR UK vs TW S2
La Grande Dame (Image: BBC/World of Wonder)

“Some very smart people are saying that I was robbed on my season, but I’m here now…”

Marina Summers – Drag Race Phillippines S1

Drag Race UK
Marina Summers (Image: BBC/World of Wonder)

“I believe in one thing…world domination! UK are you ready? World are you ready? Don’t ever underestimate a Filipina because we play hard.”

Mayhem Miller – Drag Race S10, RuPaul’s Drag Race Holi-slay Spectacular, and All Stars 5

DR UK vs TW S2
Mayhem Miller (Image: BBC/World of Wonder)

“I have not won a crown yet, but that was on purpose. Everyone thinks that she lost, but really, I was being strategic – I wanted to wait and talk on the world stage. Now, that is iconic.”

Scarlet Envy – Drag Race S11 and All Stars 6

DR UK vs TW S2
Scarlet Envy (Image: BBC/World of Wonder)

“I am coming for this win! Wait, is it me? Am I the winner?!”

Gothy Kendoll – Drag Race UK S1

Drag Race UK
Gothy Kendoll (Image: BBC/World of Wonder)

“This Pork Chop is coming with a side of gravy and I’m ready to kill it.”

Tia Kofi – Drag Race UK S2

DR UK vs TW S2
Tia Kofi (Image: BBC/World of Wonder)

“I’m not a babychino anymore. I’m a full-size grande latte with oat milk because I don’t like dairy.”

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