Drew Barrymore reveals how she overcame ‘shame’ of divorce

Drew Barrymore has candidly opened up about her divorces.

On Wednesday 20 March, the actress talked about what she’s learned through the ends of her marriages during an episode of The Drew Barrymore Show.

The topic came up as she was discussing Jennifer Lopez’s music video for her song “Can’t Get Enough” which has the singer wearing a wedding gown with multiple grooms, as a subtle hint at all of the grooms she has had in her personal life.

Barrymore herself has been married three times, first to Jeremy Thomas from 1994 to 1995, then to Tom Green from 2001 to 2002. In 2012 she married Will Kopelman and gave birth to two daughters, 11-year-old Olive Barrymore Kopelman, and nine-year-old Frankie Barrymore Kopelman, before the couple divorced in 2016.

She explained that she used to feel a sense of “shame” around her multiple divorces. “I had so much shame around divorce and, for some reason, something happened, and I said: ‘I’m no longer willing to feel this way.’ And it just lifted from me,” Barrymore said.

When she thinks about divorce now, she views it as a way to save “the precious commodity we have on this planet, which is only our time”.

“And when you’re truly in a situation that isn’t functioning the way that, optimally, it hopes and wishes to be, we accept that, and we improve our quality of life by moving forward. Divorce now, to me, I don’t have shame around it. I’m like totally liberated,” she added.

Because of her new positive outlook on divorce, the talk show host went on to praise the concept of Lopez’s music video. “Jlo, I love you,” she said. “I really appreciate, again, [for] you bringing empowerment to where most people go to shame. We’ve all been in it. So go JLo.”

Recently, Barrymore was praised for her “simple” home as she told her fans how much she loves being “a happy little hermit”.

She shared a recent video to TikTok to showcase the different rooms of her house. Her footage was also set to a viral audio on the app, in which actor Michelle Keegan and broadcaster Fearne Cotton describe how much they “like staying in”.

“I know everyone thinks it’s boring but really, it’s not,” Barrymore wrote in the text over the video, which recites the audio about spending time at home. “It’s the least boring thing. I am a really happy little hermit. I love being at home. I never want to go anywhere.”

Barrymore’s video featured her in different rooms of her home, with one clip showing her making eggs in a frying pan in her kitchen. She went on to serve her eggs on a plate, while she stood next to her stove and countertop.

She then showcased herself putting on a beige vest – over her pyjamas – and a large hat while standing in what appeared to be her room. Aside from her racks of clothing on the wall, the room also featured a tall white dresser, which stood below two pictures on the wall.

The actor’s video has quickly gone viral, with more than 425,400 views. In the comments, many fans applauded Barrymore’s seemingly normal home and the way she designed it.