Hate sleeping with wet hair? This pillowcase is a game-changer

Wake up with dry hair — and a dry pillow — with the innovative DryZzz pillowcase. (Photo: Getty Images)

If you shower at night, then you know how uncomfortable it can be to fall asleep with wet hair. Now there’s a solution for that.

Check out the DryZzz pillowcase. It looks like an ordinary cover, but one side is made with a plush, absorbent microfiber so you can enjoy your evening shower and wake up with dry hair. The patented pillowcase also has a layer of waterproof liner underneath to keep your pillow dry too.

The DryZzz pillowcase. (Photo: Amazon)

If your hair is dry, simply flip the case over to the soft cotton side, available in solid colors or playful patterns. The $20 DryZzz pillowcase is a game-changer that will replace your regular cover.

According to the Amazon product page, a mom invented the pillowcase for her daughter “because she would put a towel on her pillow, but it would come off & she would end up sleeping on a wet/cold pillowcase.”

Photo: Amazon

Amazon reviewers love it too.

One verified buyer wrote: “Love this pillowcase! I go to sleep with my hair wet every night. Since using this pillowcase, my hair is dry or almost dry when I wake up. I swear, it even looks better.”

Added another: “I shower at night, which has been hard on my bedding. As far as I can tell, water does not soak through the lining, and the towel side works nicely to dry my hair.” 

A third happy customer commented: “The terry-lined side is much softer than even my nice bath towels, and it doesn’t bunch up like a towel, making it very comfortable to sleep on. I plan to buy another one so that I can rotate them with my regular bedsheets.”

Shop the DryZzz pillowcase ($20) on Amazon.com

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