Dua Lipa Put Her Underwear and Stockings On in the Wrong Order

I see London, I see France.

Leave it to Dua Lipa to turn even the most controversial trends into high fashion. There was that mint green Muppet dress, the time she brought back the statement necklace, and now, a look that's breaking so many fashion (and basic dress code) rules that it actually works.

<p>Dua Lipa/Instagram</p>

Dua Lipa/Instagram

On Monday, the singer shared a series of images to her Instagram by way of a photo dump (in true Dua style) to promote the upcoming release of her new single "Houdini," on Nov. 9. While the first slide contained a looped video that showed off her freshly dyed red hair and quick, behind-the-scenes glimpses at a photo shoot, Lipa later gave fans a better look at her head-scratching OOTD — and it was every bit as surprising as the recording led us to believe.

The singer wore a white tank top with blue and red details and a sheer bottom (which she first debuted last month when announcing the new song) styled with a pair of white undies layered over red stockings and white sling-back kitten heels. In the snap, Lipa bent her leg back toward her head while resting her arm on her pump-clad foot. She held her head in her other hand while smoldering for the camera.

<p>Dua Lipa/Instagram</p>

Dua Lipa/Instagram

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A different photo in the roundup included more promo material, including a poster of the album art that read "catch me or i go..." while announcing the dates of three "Houdini" launch events in London, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. One snap captured Lipa getting her makeup done, while another was a selfie that the Grammy-winning artist took in a dressing room.

The final slide was a screen-grab of an X thread from social media star Caucasian James that read, "being in a Dua Lipa photo dump could change my career." Content creator Connor Wood (known as fibula), responded to the post, "I think about this all the time." Consider it changed.

"I’m putting on three surprise launch events for Houdini in London, Los Angeles and Tokyo," Lipa captioned the post. "The first one’s going to be in my hometown, London, this Thursday!!! 🫀🫀🫀 I’m going to be inviting down some of my fans from the UK and around Europe, so keep your eyes peeled 🔐."

"Houdini" drops on Nov. 9 at 11 p.m. GMT.

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