19 Extremely Random Things I Just Found Out That Completely And Totally Blew My Mind Last Week

1.This week, the world's tallest man, Sultan Kosen, met the world's smallest woman, Jyoti Amge:

Man in a suit holding a small, lifelike doll, both seated and gesturing 'peace' signs

Sultan is 8'2" tall and Jyoti is 24 inches tall.

Anadolu / Anadolu via Getty Images

Here's another picture of their meeting:

Man in a suit sitting next to a smiling small person indoors


Anadolu / Anadolu via Getty Images

2.There are escalators that have tiny little plateaus halfway down:

Escalator with yellow safety striping on steps. Instead of constant decline to the bottom, the escalator has a section in the middle that runs straight across

3.Dandelions can be really, really big:

Close-up of a hand holding a large dandelion seed head with a grassy field and trees in the background

4.And safety pins can be huge:

A person's hand holding a large metal safety pin against a home interior background

5.Maple leaves? MAPLE LEAVES? Oh yeah, they can be very, very tiny:

A tiny red leaf rests in the center of a person's open palm

6.While we're talking about big things, here's a fisherman with a giant tuna he caught off the coast of Nova Scotia:

Man standing next to a huge hanging fish, with onlookers in the background. Vintage photo

I hope one day you catch your own metaphorical giant tuna, my friend.

Fox Photos / Getty Images

7.Somewhere out there are people with only one line on their hand:

Open hand showing palm with only one line, with a black sleeve, indoors near a window with cars outside

8.There's a bunch of trash left by humans on the moon. In fact, if you really want to know, there are 96 bags of human waste on that big pie in the sky:

Apollo lunar module leg and astronaut's footprint on the moon's surface

Now THAT'S amore.

Nasa. / Corbis via Getty Images

9.This is what a modern-day banana looks like next to a wild, predomesticated banana that used to be much more prevalent:

A banana peeled open next to a much smaller, half sliced banana displaying its unexpected blue and seed-filled interior

10.In the '70s, Casio made a calculator that also had a lighter in it...a CALCULIGHTER:

Person holds a vintage calculator with a lit lighter on top, juxtaposing old technology with traditional lighting

I cannot describe to you how much I need to calculate sin and cosine while lighting a newspaper on fire.

Twitter: @tonyhawktruther

11.This is what it looks like if you excavate and cook all the cookie dough in your ice cream:

Homemade pancake with uneven cooking on a floral patterned plate

Honestly, looks really good. I love the slop.

u/doodletm / Via

12.In addition to the original (Nic Cage voice) Declaration of Independence, a bunch of copies were made and sent to other places. Here's what one of those copies looks like:

Historical document, presumed to be the Declaration of Independence, displayed under glass

13.The longest word in the English language is a doozy:

Image of an open book displaying a long chemical name, which is for the protein titin, noted as the longest word at 189,819 letters

Would make a beautiful name for a dog.

u/swiftythelegoffox / Via

14.Quadruple A batteries exist:

Person's hand holding a small AAAA Energizer battery to show its size compared to fingers

15.This is what it looks like when molten steel hits the floor:

Open hand holding three magnetic metal shavings clusters with spiked patterns

16.Some fruit have stickers that tell you the perfect color to eat them:

Sticker on a papaya with text "EATING COLOR Organic UGLYFRUIT" to promote produce

17.Turtles have a deep, dark secret:

Anatomical diagram showing turtle skeleton within its shell, sparking surprise online

I will never trust a turtle again.


18.Some places have stop lights that let you know how much time is left before they turn green:

Red traffic light with a timer showing ten seconds at J. Abad Santos Avenue, framed by greenery

19.And finally, this is what a pack of 110-year-old crayons looks like:

Vintage Crayola crayons box with six crayons, labeled for educational use