The Easiest Guide to DIYing Summer Ombré Nails

Time to get groovy.



Summer's carefree vibes and warm weather makes it the perfect time to experiment with fun colors and trends — especially when it comes to your nail look. So if you're looking for new inspo for your next manicure, we're calling it now: Summer ombré nails are about to take over.

Summer ombré nails are just ombré nails with a colorful twist. As Natalie Minerva, celebrity nail artist and nail lead on Euphoria, tells InStyle, ombré nails are a type of design where one color smoothly transitions into another color. You can combine as many colors as you want to get that blended effect, resulting in a nail look that's as pretty as it is playful.

Ultimately, "it’s a great way to do nail art in a convenient and quick manner while still packing a punch," adds Minerva. Here, how to level up the look for summer.

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How To Get The Look

Use the makeup sponge method to get the ombré nail at home, Minerva says. First, apply two coats of your base color using the brush. "You just want to add a very light amount of polish to your base," she says.

Then, dip a makeup sponge into your secondary color, dabbing it a few times on a paper towel to get rid of excess polish. Starting at the middle of the nail, dab on the color and make your way to the tip of the nail. Repeat this step until the tips are mostly covered and bright, then finish with topcoat.

For summer ombré nails, Minerva recommends using colors that are in the same family; this means sticking with different colors in shades that can all be categorized as neon, pastel, et cetera. So, if you're going for a neon red, for example, try pairing it with a neon orange.

But don't hesitate to experiment: Baby blue blends nicely with a bubblegum pink, while bright green works well with highlighter yellow. Really, "the world is your oyster when it comes to ombrés," she says. With that in mind, below are six ombré designs that you should try this season.

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Metallic Sheen

Love a neutral base? Stick with it, but opt for a bold secondary color like this emerald metallic. The ombré tip provides a nice, unexpected contrast to the bare shade.

French Ombré

One of the many reasons that the classic French manicure has lasting appeal is its versatility. Give the traditional nail look an upgrade with white ombré tips.

Pink Florals

Forever leaning into Barbiecore, this ombré combination of bright and pale pinks feels fresh and playful. And the little daisy decal is just a nice touch.

Pastel Rainbow

If you can't choose a color combo, good news: You don't have to. Opt for different shades of the rainbow on various nails for a psychedelic summer ombré nail look.

Dreamy Milk Bath

Give your ombré pastel tips a dreamy vibe by going the milk bath route: Just paint on a creamy sheen above your ombré nails.

In The Clouds

Summer just calls for as many bright colors as possible. The ombré here is subtle and runs horizontally across the nail, and it's instantly elevated with the most adorable cloud designs.

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