The Easy Hack To Close A Bread Bag If You Don't Have A Twist Tie

Bread in plastic bags
Bread in plastic bags - Dolores M. Harvey/Shutterstock

Fresh bread can go stale and dry out when exposed to air. The plastic bags that contain the loaves help retain moisture, but they also create a favorable environment for mold growth. That's why it's crucial to remove excess air from the bag and then seal it tightly. For lasting freshness, store your bread on the counter and eat it within three to five days from the date of purchase, per Don't sweat it if you lose or misplace the twist tie, as there are plenty of other ways to close a bread bag.

TikTok creator Skye Zhia posted a video demonstrating a handy, no-tools-required hack to seal your bread bag. It entails pushing out the air as best as you can, twisting the open end of the bag, and then folding the excess plastic inside out over the loaf. This creates a secure seal, preventing air from entering the bag. Sounds simple, doesn't it?

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Try This Trick To Seal A Bread Bag Without A Twist Tie

Man folding bag over a loaf of bread
Man folding bag over a loaf of bread - Mad Scientist / Youtube

Several TikTok users showed concern over this bread hack, saying that leaving the inside part of the bag exposed isn't hygienic. However, as the folded end of the bag doesn't come in contact with the bread, it shouldn't necessarily introduce bacteria to your loaf. Other users said they've been using this trick for a long time, and some thought it was common knowledge.

Someone shared the hack on Reddit, too. Many commenters discussed using this hack decades after watching their grandparents use this trick. One user replied, "It's weird to think of this as a life hack, this is how I've always closed my bread bags."  Another one said, "I do this too! Helps keep rice cakes crunchy!" Other users pointed out that the hack would only work when you're halfway through eating the loaf of bread, as this leaves enough plastic to pull over the bag. Most users on the thread found the trick useful and were eager to try it out.

Find A Way To Preserve Your Bread That Works For You

Woman holding two bread loaves
Woman holding two bread loaves - CGN089/Shutterstock

The good news is that store-bought bread usually contains preservatives that help prevent mold growth. However, you still need to re-seal the bag after opening it to keep the bread from drying out. Note that some bread bags are thinner and more delicate than others. Maneuver them carefully to avoid puncturing the plastic, which could compromise the seal.

If you're still not convinced, but you've lost the bag's twist tie, you can seal your bread bag with another small implement, using almost the same method. First, squeeze the open end of the bag to remove excess air. Then, twist the end tightly and secure it with a clothespin. Alternatively, you can use a plastic bread clip, a paper clip, a chip clip, or even a pair of chopsticks!

The no-tools-needed folding trick definitely works, but storing bread in its original packaging is just a temporary solution. If you don't plan to eat the entire loaf over the next few days, you can slice it, cover it in plastic wrap, and store it in the freezer to consume within three to five months. Generally, it's not recommended to refrigerate bread, as it can dry it out or grow mold.

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