Eating Pasta Makes You Feel Better, According To New Study

If you've ever felt guilty about diving into a bowl of baked ziti, don't sweat it, because a new study just revealed that there's an amazing benefit to eating pasta.

According to a study conducted by the Behavioral and Brain Lab at the Free University of Languages and Communication IULM in Milan, Italy, eating pasta can improve your mood. In fact, the study proved that eating your favorite pasta dish can make you just as happy as hearing your favorite song.

Food & Wine reports that the lab enlisted the help of 40 lucky participants between the ages of 25 and 55 years old. They then measured their physical and neurological changes as they ate pasta. Those responses were compared to the reactions the participants had while listening to their favorite songs or watching a sporting event (hopefully not the NFL playoffs).

It turns out that eating pasta beat out music and sporting events when it came to generating positive emotions. Eating pasta was also more effective than both at "activating cognitive memory processes.”

"The results tell us that it is precisely when we eat pasta that we are most emotionally active. It is, therefore, the real act of tasting and savoring the dish in its full flavor to stimulate the most positive memories and emotions," said Vincenzo Russo, a Professor of Consumer Psychology and Neuromarketing at IULM University and the Founder and Coordinator of the Neuromarketing Behavior & Brain Lab IULM, in a statement.

Also, if IULM needs anymore participants for their pasta studies, we'd like to let them know that we absolutely volunteer as tribute.

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