This Eco-Friendly Nail Polish Makes My DIY Manis Last Way Longer


If you’ve ever braved the world of at-home manicures, you know that the process often leaves a pungent chemical smell behind that lasts for hours. With odors that strong, it’s hard not to wonder if the ingredients in a typical nail polish are harming our bodies or the environment. Thankfully, the new Plant Power Nail Polish from Nails Inc. is putting mani-lovers’ fears at bay with a 73 percent plant-based formula that’s free of parabens and sulfates, which frequently appear in nail polish formulas and can potentially irritate skin.

Each Plant Power polish shade features a tongue-in-cheek name to align with the collection’s focus on sustainability. I’ve been using the deep navy Spiritual Gangster color for the past few months and continue to be blown away by the ease with which its ultra-smooth vegan formula glides onto my nails. I’d normally skip such a dark hue for fear of making a mess, but the brand’s signature rounded polish brush allows even my non-dominant hand to paint inside the lines without trouble.

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What really makes Plant Power a standout line of polishes is that despite its unique formula, it lasts longer than any conventional nail polish I’ve ever tried — up to 10 days chip-free if I top it off with a clear coat. Don’t believe me? Take it from Sephora shoppers. “Beautiful opaque color, high shine, and glossy finish,” wrote one reviewer. “Long lasting through multiple daily hand washings and all day typing.” Another shopper summed it up perfectly with her succinct evaluation of the polish: “STAYS ON!!”

Priced at just $10, this polish is bound to give you more bang for your buck than the average drugstore product, while also keeping your nails free from potentially harmful chemicals. Not only that, but Plant Power’s commitment to the environment extends all the way to its packaging, which features a recyclable (and stunning) wooden cap in lieu of the usual plastic variety. That rustic touch ends up making each bottle look so unique that you might even want to display them; mine currently occupies a coveted space on my wooden candle tray.

Shop all five shades of Nails Inc.’s Plant Power Nail Polish below. Whether you’re in the market for a taupey nude, hot pink, dark red, gray, or my signature navy, you can rest assured that this polish will make long-lasting, low-chemical manicures a breeze.


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