"He Ejaculates On Walls And Doors" — Women Are Sharing The Secretly Gross Things Their Partners Do At Home And I Am Sickened And Speechless

"He Ejaculates On Walls And Doors" — Women Are Sharing The Secretly Gross Things Their Partners Do At Home And I Am Sickened And Speechless

Reddit user u/capta1namazing asked women to share the one nasty thing their partner does that they "just accept" and they are terribly gross. Read the responses at your own risk...

1."My husband is too lazy to walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night, so he keeps a large bottle beside his bed to pee into…This would not fly if we were sharing a room. We have an 8-month-old who shares a bed with me. When hubby moves back in with me, trust that this will no longer happen. It makes me want to 🤮."

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2."Sometimes he'll pile his dirty dishes on top of his dirty laundry as if they're the same thing. I don't get it at all, and it drives me up the wall. He's creating the perfect rat oasis on his side of our room, and it's sheer luck that we haven't had rats yet. I try to pick it up when I see it but sometimes I don't because he'll throw a shirt on top of a dirty dish. I wish I was kidding. I'm literally, truly, not exaggerating. In every other respect, he is the perfect partner for me, so this one thing drives me crazy but it isn't enough to break the relationship. Still, super nasty."

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3."When he pops his pimples/blackheads, he wipes it on the wall next to the mirror. He also wipes his boogers on the side of his driver's seat; it's foul."

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4."He shaves the dead skin off his heels with a razor blade…and once he left the pile of skin flakes on the end table."

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5."He ejaculates on walls and doors, brags about it, and says it's making our home safer and stronger."

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6."The butt crack....I just...I can't. I can't divorce the love of my life, the father of my kids, the person with whom I can laugh and cry together, my life partner in sickness and health, good times and bad over the fact that he will NOT pull up his pants. The crack is everywhere. Cute video of the kids? He is inevitably bending down at some point in the video with his crack to the camera. Skyping my parents? Sure enough, he is in the background, picking something off the floor, crack to the camera. At the dog park? Let him pick up this dog toy, crack to the world..crack crack crack..I gave up on it but that doesn't mean it doesn't bother me. I live with a butt crack."

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7."He licks the toothpaste out of the tube before brushing his teeth."

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8."So he is 72 and this has been an issue for four or so years, but he just farts up a storm as he walks from here to there in the house. The farts are so full of sound and very long in duration that I can hardly believe he has not pooped his pants. It’s frequent and funny and awful all at the same time."

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9."He doesn’t wash his ass properly in the shower and then wipes shit on the towels. We now have color-coded towels and I try not to look at/think about his. I also don’t do butt stuff with him anymore."

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10."Picks off his toenails and chews on them. He even saves a 'good one' for later if it’s not the right time to chew right there and then. His favorite nail is the big toe. So disgusting 🤢."

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11."Reuses socks and underwear...like sir, please don’t 😭😭! He has a lot of clean ones so I don’t get why he does this!!!"

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12."If we don’t wax his nose hair often enough he will pick out the hairs one by one with his fingers."

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13."He sharts himself at least one to two times a week."

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14."He pees in the laundry sink. He has also peed in vases too."

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15."He leaves used dental floss on the couch."

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16."He leaves his poop in the toilet and justifies it as 'if it’s brown let it mellow' followed by 'you don’t have to wipe every time.'"

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17."Scratches his balls and then sniffs his fingers. He also tries to get me to smell them too."

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OK, I can't take any more...do you have a really gross thing you just accept about your partner?! Let us know in the comments!