Elevate Your Next BLT Sandwich With A Flavorful Bagel

bagel blt lined by head of lettuce and tomato
bagel blt lined by head of lettuce and tomato - Static Media / Shutterstock

The juicy, savory combination of a traditional BLT is one of those reliable recipes that can satisfy even the fiercest of sandwich cravings. When made with bacon topped with a generous wash of hot honey and layered to salty perfection with the sandwich's other essential ingredients, bites of this beast are as close to lunchtime perfection as it gets. That is, of course, until bagels enter the picture.

Whether you're straddling the line between breakfast and lunch or find yourself enjoying a lazy weekend, using buttery, toasted bagel pieces to stack rows of tomato slices, crispy bacon, and butterhead lettuce leaves can change the way you view this classic creation. With a variety of bagels to choose from -- sesame, everything, garlic, sundried tomato, whole wheat, or plain -- you'll never be at a loss for new flavors to try the next time hunger pangs strike. Slather mayo directly onto bagel slices before toasting or reach for a salted butter to lend a mouth-watering finish to the vehicle of your lunch-time dreams. You may never return to typical bread slices after this.

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Flavors For Every Palate

BLT on a bagel
BLT on a bagel - JoSiau/Shutterstock

Once you've opened the door into the world of bagel BLT sandwiches, you can go wild matching sauces and spreads to suit your palate's preferences. Drizzle homemade hot sauce onto a toasted garlic bagel before adding the rest of the sandwich's elements or finish your creations with sprinkles of red pepper flakes or smoked paprika if you enjoy meals with a bit more kick. Pair fresh garden herbs and basil leaves with rosemary bagels, or play up a fresh-out-of-the-oven sourdough bagel with crunchy sea salt flakes. Egg bagels can offer a subtle taste of your favorite breakfast meals made with bacon, while honey-enhanced Montreal bagels can lend the right amount of sweetness to help bacon strips shine.

Lovers of all things savory can reach for salt-topped or cheesy bagels, and those craving a hardy mouthful of substance might appreciate BLT sandwiches made with pumpernickel bagels. Since this is one of those sandwiches that should not be missed, gluten-free bagels can help those with dietary restrictions sink their teeth into this recipe without hesitation. With a durable exterior, this sandwich can be wrapped and taken on the go -- and should be immediately added to your arsenal of packed lunch recipes.

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