Elizabeth Hurley doesn't follow 'weird' diets

Elizabeth Hurley isn't interested in "weird" diets.

The 58-year-old actress has "pretty simple" tastes and has always just eaten "very normal" meals, though she has recently given up things such as pre-packaged sandwiches after learning more about the harmful nature of ultra-processed foods.

She told the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper: “My tastes are pretty simple – I don’t drink weird green juices or anything like that.

“I’ve always watched what I eat, since forever. I’ve never wanted to eat processed food. Right back to my teens, I’ve always looked at the labels on food.

"[But I] didn’t really know the difference between ultra-processed food and processed food until quite recently.

“I cut all that out over a year ago … I just eat what I would say is very normal, which could be roast chicken, mashed potatoes and a couple of different vegetables. It’s definitely not anything new-fangled or weird.”

And the 'Strictly Confidential' star doesn't have a strict workout regime.

She said: “I don’t go to the gym, but I’m very active … I don’t really sit still very much.

"We have a rule in our house that no one’s allowed to put the TV on until 6pm, so nobody sits around until leading up to supper. But I do a lot of gardening – that’s quite bendy-downy, picking stuff up!”

But Elizabeth stressed that she does look after her appearance.

She said: “I work for a cosmetic company, I work for fashion companies, I have my own fashion company, I’m in high definition on massive cinema screens.

"So it’s my business to make more effort … of course I do, it’s my bread and butter.”

The 'Austin Powers' star is much less "cavalier" than she used to be about throwing an outfit together and knowing it will "look great".

She said: “Now I sort of plan it out a little bit more. You know, if I’m doing TV and I’ve got to sit in a chair, I don’t want the camera up my crotch.”