Elizabeth Hurley recalls 'extraordinary' reaction to black Versace safety pin dress nearly 30 years later

Actor Hugh Grant arrives with actress girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley for the chaity premiere of
Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant attend the premiere of "Four Weddings and a Funeral." (Photo by Michael Stephens - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images)

Elizabeth Hurley recalls how "extraordinary" the reaction to her wearing the Versace black and gold safety pin dress was nearly 30 years after wearing it.

The British model, actress and designer reflected on the iconic red carpet moment at the 1994 premiere of the film Four Weddings and a Funeral, which she attended with then-boyfriend Hugh Grant. Jaws dropped over the revealing black dress detailed with cutouts seemingly held together by gold safety pins, however, Hurley herself hadn't anticipated such a response.

Hurley attending the film's post-premiere party in 1994. (Photo: Getty Images)
Hurley attending the film's post-premiere party in 1994. (Photo: Getty Images)

"Hugh and I lived together in a tiny little one-bedroom flat without a full-length mirror, so I hadn’t even seen the [full] dress until I saw it on the papers the next day," she told Variety. "I'd only seen it to my waist."

Hurley went on to explain that she and Grant were just "jobbing actors" at the time and hadn't been used to the level of recognition that came from the event.

"People also didn't know that his movie was going to be a sensation," she said. "We were completely and utterly clueless. So the next day when the papers went demented, both about the movie and, bizarrely, about my dress, it was very surprising to both of us in every way. But of course, we're both very grateful for both those things happening."

Now 57 and still garnering such attention, Hurley reminisced on how different her life had been back then.

"I didn’t have a hair or makeup artist, I didn’t have a handbag, I didn’t have shoes," she said. "We didn’t have anything. We had nothing."

She seemingly has it all now as she continues acting, doing advocacy work for breast cancer awareness and delighting fans and followers with her social media presence. She even posted a couple of Versace looks on Instagram in honor of her 57th birthday.

"Having a Versace moment," she wrote.

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