Elle King reflects on 'great loving relationship' with dad Rob Schneider after estrangement

Elle King reflects on her relationship with her father. (Photo: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)
Elle King reflects on her relationship with her father. (Photo: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)

Elle King says she is finally in a “great loving relationship” with her father, actor Rob Schneider — but it wasn’t always that way.

The Grammy-nominated singer told People that growing up, she was "the chubby girl with a dad that didn't visit very often, and everybody made fun of me and were mean to me about it."

The 33-year-old star described that "growing up as somebody who was chubby, awkward, funny, has OCD and is weird and quirky and awkward but super sensitive, I had to really fight to be OK as myself. I didn't want to be known as someone's kid. I wanted to be my own person."

She added, "I never wanted to borrow money from anybody, and I've worked hard for my family and for me. I want to have a life built for myself, and I want to know that I did it.

King revealed that in 2012, the Hot Chick star "wasn't even in my life." She explained, "He got married and had a kid, and we weren't even talking."

Schneider has two daughters with wife Patricia Azarcoya Schneider.

The “Drunk (And I Don't Wanna Go Home)” singer expressed that the father-daughter duo have a much stronger bond these days.

"My father and I have a beautiful and really wonderful, great loving relationship with awesome boundaries," she said. "I love my dad so much."

In 2021, the 59-year-old comedian posted a heartfelt Instagram tribute to King after she announced her pregnancy with her son, Lucky Levi.

“My dear Elle, Words are insufficient for me to completely tell you how very happy I am for you and Dan on the news of your baby to be,” he wrote.

“I know how much you wanted this and how deeply you love your family. You make your sisters feel like every day with you is their birthday and Christmas. You have a special gift and I could not be more proud of you and I am filled with a happiness that only comes from the bringing of a new life into the world. God’s gift and the universe’s most perfect creation: a baby. As far as being a grandpa, that is still sinking in,” he joked.

In August 2020, Schneider also shared a sweet text exchange between him and his daughter in an interview with All Access.

"It was the most beautiful text I ever got in my life. Because of the pandemic, she hasn't been able to perform," he explained at the time. "She said, 'The last time I was able to perform was with you, Dad, and if that's the last time I ever perform, I'll be really proud.'"

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