Elle King Was So ‘Hammered’ During Dolly Parton Tribute That the Grand Ole Opry Issued an Apology

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Apparently, country music fans do not appreciate Elle King right now after her drunken, profanity-filled rant in the middle of a tribute to our undisputed national treasure, Dolly Parton. People are so shocked that legendary music venue the Grand Ole Opry—where the tribute took place—had to issue an apology after musician after King slurred her way through a cover of Parton's “Marry Me,” at one point announcing to the audience, “I'm fucking hammered." per TMX.

King's ramblings also included heckling the audience: “I’m not even gonna fucking lie, you bought tickets for this shit? You ain’t getting your money back,” and, when she forgot the lyrics, replacing them with some of her own: “I don’t know the lyrics to this thing in this fucking town. Don’t tell Dolly ‘cause it’s her birthday.”

Fans were, to say the least, disappointed with the performance, and many people felt it was disrespectful.

In response to one such disgruntled audience-member on X, the Grand Ole Opry tweeted, “we deeply regret and apologize for the language that was used during last night’s second Opry performance.”

Among those who were none too pleased with King's drunken attempt at a Parton tribute was Parton's own sister, Stella Parton. “I didn’t see nor hear the Grand Ole Opry birthday tribute to my big sister Dolly over the weekend,” Stella tweeted. “But some lil girl by the name of Elle King apparently cussed and insulted some of Dolly’s fans by not knowing a song. She did admit to being ‘hammered’ her word not mine.”

But Stella had more to say, “But let me just say this, it wouldn’t be the first time a Hillbilly went on the stage of the Opry ‘hammered’ but I guess it’s ok if you’re a male but good lord don’t ever let a girl behave that way folks! Double fucking standard if ya ask me.” The real lesson, according to Stella Parton at least, is not to underestimate the difficulty of a Dolly Parton song. “To any lil ego thinking they can learn the lyrics correctly with a half assed listen to one of Dolly’s song. Surprise! You’ll end up looking as silly as that lil girl.”

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