Emaciated puppy amazed NY rescuers with her ‘will to survive.’ See Sprite’s ‘glow up’

Rescuers thought a “severely emaciated” puppy was dead when they first laid eyes on her in New York back in January.

But then the Humane Law Enforcement team at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society noticed the husky pup taking shallow breaths, and they rushed her to a veterinary hospital for lifesaving care, rescuers said on Facebook.

“This little fighter amazed us all with her will to survive!” rescuers said in the April 15 post. “We named her Sprite and eventually placed her in a wonderful foster home” with other dogs, where Sprite started learning how to be a dog for the first time in her young life.

Photos show Sprite’s transformation from a thin, scared, weak puppy into a playful, “rambunctious girl” who’s “looking for a home to call her own,” rescuers said.

People in the comments on the post and on the photo showing how healthy Sprite currently looks couldn’t get over her “glow up” — and several said her story and the sight of her when she was rescued moved them to tears.

“What a difference love and care have made,” someone said under the photo. “She is gorgeous!”

Dozens of people commented on the “stunning” dog, as well as her amazing transformation.

“Unbelievable transformation,” someone said. “I hope she is treated like a queen in her new home. So much love sent.”

Those considering adopting the blue-eyed pup should know Sprite is “on the mend” after her rough start to life, and rescuers don’t know what type of medical needs she might have in the future.

Sprite is “very food motivated and already knows some commands, like ‘sit’ and ‘down,’” rescuers said.

Still, she doesn’t know quite how to be a dog just yet and might benefit from living with a “patient dog friend” who is her size or larger and can “show her the ropes,” rescuers said.

She hasn’t had much exposure to kids, but rescuers say she might be fine with older children who understand how to interact with dogs. However, new experiences also make her nervous.

Rescuers are accepting adoption applications for Sprite from April 15-19 and will respond to those whose applications they accept by April 24. Then, prospective adopters will be able to meet her, rescuers said.

“Poor sweet pup…has been through so much,” someone said. “I hope someone who will love her and keep her safe forever finds her and takes her home. She deserves only the best.”

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