Emily Ratajkowski disguises her true identity with a pink micro-bob hairstyle

Emily Ratajkowski disguises her true identity with a pink micro-bob hairstyle

While a topless photo of Emily Ratajkowski has evolved from being a 00s shocking statement to a natural 2024 Instagram rebellion, what never fails to wow us is a hair transformation as big as today's. In other words, EmRata just went topless to debut not one but two dramatic hairstyles featuring colour and cut makeovers! We'll let you take a wild guess as to what piqued our interests more...

Taking to her IG feed, Em posted a five-part carousel post featuring said hair changes. The first and one to front the post is a voluminous blonde bouffant beehive, reminiscent of the Swinging Sixties and the second – and arguably most transformative – is a bubble gum pink micro bob and fringe.

Scroll through the below to see all that we're on about.

Of course, with hair amendments and variations as such, it's only plausible to assume that they are wigs. However, there's no denying that Emily could probably pop into Tescos with these 'guises and go completely unscathed (read: unrecognised).

Acknowledging how different she looks, Em questions her followers in the caption of her post, writing "who is she? wrong answers only."

Hilariously, both friends and fans of the model took to the comments section in response, with fellow model, Gigi Hadid even writing "She’s Sly’s blonde dna 🧬". Read a number of succeeding responses, below:

"Brigitte Ratabardot 🤷🏻♂️🇫🇷"

"Mr. Bean in a big wigg"

"Julia Robert’s in Pretty Woman"

"My future wife"

"Diana Ross vibes for sure"

"she reminded me of Natalie Portman in Closer with her pink wig"

"Audrey Hepburn 🔥"

"Bridget Fonda?"

"Raquel Welch! ❤️🔥😍"

Whether she's cosplaying the iconic blonde bombshell that is Brigitte Bardot circa 1956 or even Natalie Portman as Alice in Closer, 2004, there's no doubt that a change as big or subtle as a hairstyle or colour can completely transform one's identity.

The world (and beauty salon) is your oyster, folks!

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