Emily Ratajkowski Paired Kim Possible Pants with a Pikachu Water Bottle

And her Timberland boots made the outfit a 2000s fantasy come true.



Emily Ratajkowski is bringing together so many parts of the '00s, she may as well be a VH1 special. During her latest stroll in New York City, her long, oxblood-colored coat may take its fair share of the spotlight, but every other part of her outfit seemed to be an early aughts staple that pulled from all of our favorite cartoons.

The pants? Baggy green tactical cargos that recalled none other than Kim Possible, everyone's favorite Disney Channel super-spy (and student, because women really do have to do it all). The green pants looked to be pulled straight from Kim's rotation. Ratajkowski paired them with very practial Timberland-esque boots in a classic camel color, and she carried a bright yellow Pikachu water bottle, adding a second helping of cartoon flavor to the entire 'fit. Polished meets Pokémon — we love to see it.

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In addition to showcasing her love of throwback cartoons, EmRata recently spoke about her love of Taylor Swift. TikTokers resurfaced a clip of Swift speaking to Ellen DeGeneres, which showed various photos of the singer alongside men. Ratajkowski said that she could see how awkward it was for Swift to be reduced to arm candy at that moment and not recognized for her other accomplishments. Fans noticed that EmRata commented on the clip.

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“I recently became a Swiftie. I loved her last album and I’ve seen her documentary, but I wasn’t following her career in the same way the last 10-plus years,” Ratajkowski told Elle. “Watching that [interview], I was so struck by how clear she’s being about what is making her uncomfortable. I think the lens that I would’ve viewed that interview from 10 years ago versus now has evolved so much, which is why it struck me. I was in bed falling asleep and commented on it, not because I thought it was going to make headlines at all.”

Ratajkowski continued, saying that Swift is “another example of a woman who has been faced with such blatant misogyny and sexism, and yet we don’t want to admit that, because she’s powerful and successful, and also she’s white."

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