Emma Watson Crushing Cocktail Ice With Prada Heels Would Make Hermione Granger Proud

YouTube/British Vogue

All those potions lessons have really paid off.

Predictable Harry Potter jokes aside, Emma Watson really did channel Hermione Granger in her new video for British Vogue, showing up to “Ultimate British Taste Test” with an entire journal of drawings and notes that she developed ahead of the magazine’s cocktail-making challenge. “Look, there’s diagrams, there’s amounts,” she said while showing off her prep work. “This is true to me: I love learning, and I love note-taking.” Need I elaborate?

In case you forgot, Watson spent a decade of her life playing the clever witch in all eight Harry Potter movies, so a bit of character bleed is to be expected. Still, there was one particular moment that Hermione would likely respect even more than the 33-year-old actor’s studious nature.

During the 11-minute video, Watson prepared a series of mixed drinks to promote her new sustainable gin brand, Renais, which she founded with her younger brother. However, she ran into a roadblock while attempting to make a classic bramble: There was no crushed ice…or tool to make her own. That’s when that old Gryffindor ingenuity came rushing back.

Instead of asking for a rolling pin, she took off one of her platform Prada heels and got the job done. “I’m taking off my shoe because there’s no rolling pin,” Watson explained. “I need to crush this ice with something. I figure this may be the best thing I can do this with.” From there she went to work.

“Actually, this is better than a rolling pin,” Watson continued. “I’m not sure [Miuccia Bianchi Prada] had this in mind when she designed this shoe, but I can attest it’s an excellent kitchen implement. Thanks, Prada.”

Many fans pointed out that this is actually an “amazing advertisement” for Prada. “No but this is a [testament] to their quality, definitely will hold up on a night out,” one user commented on British Vogue’s TikTok post, while another wrote, “The quality testing I didn’t know we needed to see.”

So which of Emma Watson’s cocktails would Hermione Granger like the most? Trick question. “I don’t feel like Hermione Granger has a cocktail,” Watson said while crafting her signature gin sour. “But, you know, maybe in the later years, yeah, when things got really stressful and hairy when she was had loads of responsibility and a really stressful job.” Personally, I think Hermione is a firewhisky girl.

You can watch the full video here.

Originally Appeared on Glamour