Enjoy Charcuterie On The Go With A Genius Tackle Box Hack

Woman grabs food from charcuterie board
Woman grabs food from charcuterie board - Fotostorm/Getty Images

Charcuterie boards have been all the rage for gatherings big and small. Whether you're craving something sweet, savory, or something in between, there is usually a delicious bite waiting for you to enjoy. A well-designed charcuterie board is full of organized ingredients that are typically assembled snugly on a large board for people to enjoy. But the newest trend takes the organization to the next level by using a tackle box to neatly divide each snack item into its own compartment.

Tackle boxes are plastic utility containers with multiple dividers usually reserved for fishing, and hold everything from hooks to bait. Innovative snackers on TikTok have shared that tackle boxes are for much more than fishing, however. The variety of sections in the container is the perfect size for a handful of cheese cubes or a sleeve of crackers and the sealable lid allows for easy travel to your next party or picnic.

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Be Sure To Thoroughly Clean Your Container Before Packing

Charcuterie tackle box
Charcuterie tackle box - Instagram/avlcharcuterieco

You may have heard of appetizer boards and charcuterie towers, now say hello to the "snackle box." To properly prepare this container traditionally used for bait and tackle, it's recommended that you grab a new one from the store before filling it full of snacks — no one wants to eat various meats and cheeses out of something that previously held fishing supplies. Then make sure to give each section of your new tackle box a nice clean with warm water and soap before adding any food items, just to be extra safe.

If you are still concerned about cleanliness, you can line each section with parchment paper before adding any food. However, depending on the style of the tackle box, this could mean grabbing a pair of scissors and cutting a ton of little squares for each section. After it's been thoroughly sanitized, you can start adding your favorite goodies to each section.

If you are packing perishables such as cured meats and cheeses, it's best to keep your tackle box refrigerated until it's time to travel and then transfer to a cooler or insulated bag. Things that melt easily such as chocolates and spreads should also be enjoyed quickly after transporting. Veggies, fruits, crackers, and packaged goodies will all last much longer than easily perishable foods, so consider just how long your items will be stored before organizing your snack selections.

The 'Snackle Box' Is Great For Selective Eaters

Tackle box full of snacks
Tackle box full of snacks - Instagram/louisburgcidermill

Storing your charcuterie spread in a tackle box is not only convenient for travel purposes, but it can also provide accessibility for those who have food sensitivities to gluten or dairy. According to the Mayo Clinic, a food intolerance often only impacts the digestive system and causes less severe issues than an allergy. With this type of tackle box hack, you can also easily label each section so your friends and family will know which items to stay away from.

Parents of picky eaters have also found success with this method. Pairing snacks that their kids often enjoy such as cheese and different candies with new items like different meats or veggies allows children to visualize all their choices and try new things in a more low-pressure environment. And because the snacks do not touch one another, children are more likely to partake in the foods they like, even if they are placed next to foods they prefer not to eat.

So, next time you're packing for an adventure, consider loading up a tackle box full of goodies for a mess-free spread that all your friends and family will enjoy.

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