Estrid Is Bringing Skin Care To Shaving With a New Bodycare Range

Estrid is most known for its colorful razors made with precision blades to get the closest shave without irritation, but that may be about to change. The beloved shaving brand just expanded its bodycare line with three new products: The Essential Exfoliant, The Ultimate Shave Gel and The Everyday Body Lotion.

The brand dubs the exfoliant as the first step in the shaving routine, describing it as a cleanser that preps the skin to create a prime surface for shaving. The Essential Exfoliant is made with a mixture of chemical and physical exfoliants like avocado oil, lava rock and hibiscus flower. This blend helps nourish the skin and remedy ingrown hairs, irritation and post-shaving razor bumps.

Estrid, Bodycare, Skincare, Shaving
Estrid, Bodycare, Skincare, Shaving

Next in the line-up is the Ultimate Shave Gel, described as having a gel-to-cream texture, made to complement and not clog the razor. The formula is infused with shea butter, niacinamide and sea moss to moisturize and soothe skin with use.

Lastly, Estrid released a lightweight lotion as the final step in its shaving routine. The Everyday Body Lotion helps reduce redness and irritation while drenching the skin in moisture. The "radiance-enhancing" body cream also leaves the skin with a not-so-subtle glow.

Estrid has also added three new colorways to its iconic razors: cactus, moss and guava. This "stipulate[s] a new era for Estrid."

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