Are Everlane's Forever sneakers worth it? Here's our honest review of the sustainable shoe

Yahoo Canada Shopping Editors
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Everlane Forever Sneakers.
Everlane's new Forever Sneakers come in five colours and retail for $88 CAD.

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When it comes to Everlane’s selection of affordable and sustainable basics, the brand is never content to stick with the status quo.

Since the launch of their very first Tread collection in 2019, Everlane has continued to innovate and push the envelope when developing new footwear styles that stand the test of time while also reducing impact on the planet — which leads us to the new Forever Sneakers.

With the latest addition to the lineup of Tread sneakers, Everlane is helping to close the loop on waste for good, and ensuring that none of their new Forever Sneakers end up in landfills. Once they’ve reached the end of their lifetime, you can return your Forever Sneakers back to Everlane, where they will be responsibly broken down into new items at a dedicated recycling facility.

Available in both men’s and women’s sizes, these unisex sneakers are made from recycled canvas and rubber, and are available in five colours for $88 CAD.

Touted as being “your easiest, most comfortable shoe,” we had to put these timeless sneakers to the test to find out how they really hold up.

Alyssa Tria, Shopping Editor

The Forever Sneaker
The Forever Sneaker

There are two kinds of white sneakers: ones that you must keep super clean and crisp to make the ultimate polished, put-together look and then there are the others that you want to get scuffed up for that much-need attitude and personality. Either way, you can never have too many. So when I was offered the chance to test out Everlane's new classic tennis shoes, I couldn't resist another white pair.

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There wasn't anything groundbreaking about my first impressions of the sneakers. But just as I wanted for a go-to pair, they feature no loud logos or designs, highlighting its canvas upper and rubber outsole. As for sizing, I thought they fit amazing. Unlike the past two Everlane flats I reviewed, I found this pair to fit snug and pretty slim-fitting, perfect for those with very narrow feet like mine. I stuck to my typical size 5.

While they don't look or very structured or comfortable, to my surprise, I managed to walk almost 5 kilometres in these shoes without any fuss or complaints. I found that they do get dirty pretty easily, but I plan to live in these shoes for fall and beyond.

Kate Mendonca, Shopping Editor

Everlane Forever Sneakers in India Ink.
Everlane Forever Sneakers in India Ink.

When it comes to the Forever Sneakers, I’ll admit that I was skeptical about their claims on being some of the most comfortable footwear around. Right out of the box, though, I will say that they were every bit as comfortable as they promised to be. I found the canvas to be a little snug across the top of my foot, but nothing that a little adjusting of the laces couldn’t fix. I found that they do fit true to size — unlike some of Everlane’s other shoes — so I’m definitely glad that I stuck with my usual size 8.5.

I tested these out immediately by taking my dog for a walk, and was just as impressed by their cushioning and support after a few trips around the neighbourhood as I was when I tried them on indoors. Normally, I would be feeling some discomfort by wearing shoes without my custom insoles, but I was surprisingly able to walk comfortably in these shoes when I tried them both barefoot and while wearing socks.

My one word of caution: the inner heel can get a little scratchy against your foot, so just make sure that you have the right socks on before heading out the front door.

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Elizabeth Di Filippo, Lifestyle Editor

I don't always put my feet on the dash, but when I do it's to show my friends my new shoes in our Slack chat.
I don't always put my feet on the dash, but when I do it's to show my friends my new shoes in our Slack chat.

These days, my shoe game is a rotation of the same sneakers: my waterproof Vessi Everday sneakers for walking the dogs and my slip-on Rothy’s when I’m running errands. After purging a majority of my shoes before a recent move, one thing missing from my collection was a pair of classic white tennis shoes. While I was tempted to buy a pair of Converse, I was happy to add the Everlane Forever Sneaker to my collection instead.

At first glance, they seem like a solid canvas sneaker. There’s nothing remarkable about them and no visible logos which I like, save for the Everlane stamp on the back heel. I was nervous to wear them after I heard that some people (ahem, Kate) had found them a little snug on her feet. I have a relatively wide foot, and have found with a lot of shoes, especially sneakers or anything leather, I have to size up just to be comfortable. I ordered the Forever Sneakers in a size 8 and found that they fit perfectly, and there was even enough room to wear with socks.

I was really pleased with these sneakers and even more pleased with the price tag. While Everlane items tend to make me gasp with their price tags, these babies are priced well against their competitors - and look and fit great.

Hilary Hagerman, Managing Editor

My sneakers, featuring a ghastly image of the dog who covers them in fur.
My sneakers, featuring a ghastly image of the dog who covers them in fur.

While I’ve been looking for a lower environmental-impact tennis shoe for a few months now, I’m usually a Converse girl, so I was skeptical that I’d be a convert to any other brand. But the Forever Sneakers did the trick.

Most of the time I find that, regardless of whether I’m trying new flats, heels or sneakers, that finding shoes that are comfortable “right out of the box” doesn’t exist in my world — but these sneakers actually were exactly that. I put them on immediately and wore them most of the weekend, from long dog walks to bike rides to dinner. Not only was I impressed by their comfort, but also their versatility. I wore them with everything from a jewel-toned midi dress to denim shorts and a T-shirt, and they easily worked with everything.

Design-wise, I really liked the all-canvas upper of these — I think it maintains the classic tennis sneaker look while being just different enough. I also love that the rubber outersole is slightly off-white. It prevents the shoes from looking too stark, especially since against the advice of my coworkers I chose the black colourway, which one of the cruelest people on my team went so far as to call “dumpy.”

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While I think they’re far from dumpy, there is one downside to the classic black version. I find that the canvas on these sneakers is a bit more “grabby” than, say, Converse — so I’ve found that my dog’s hair sticks to these like nobody’s business. A quick lint roll before I leave the house does the trick, but just a word of caution if you have a pet that the lighter colourways may be more low-maintenance.

Side note: I bought my boyfriend these in the Teak colourway for his birthday — and he’s been wearing his pair every day, too!

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