Every question you have about Hyrox answered (including what it actually is)

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Hyrox is all over your FYP: here's EYNTKHYROX

It seems everyone in our friendship circles (and on our TikTok FYPs) has gone fitness challenge mad lately. From triathlons, to half marathons, Sunday morning hangovers have been replaced with a quick 10k and group chat conversations consist of workout tips and protein powder recommendations. And now? The latest fitness challenge generating buzz is Hyrox. But what actually is it?

Well in short, it's a fitness competition/race that sees competitors complete 8km of running interspersed with eight separate fitness stations (yes, eight – it's not for the fainthearted!). Given it's an intense full body workout, the competition has also sparked a whole new way of working out too, with many people doing Hyrox-inspired fitness sessions without actually competing in the races.

Keen to learn more? Here's everything you need to know about Hyrox.

What is Hyrox?

Hyrox is an indoor fitness competition that was founded in Germany in 2017 by Christian Toetzke and Moritz Fürste with 650 competitors. It's since grown massively, and this year is set to have over 175,000 competitors.

The competition is designed for everybody and is the ultimate test of fitness. It's a combination of running with functional movements, and while it's definitely not CrossFit, that's probably the fitness event you could best compare it to.

As for what you actually have to do during a Hyrox event? Well, it essentially sees you run for 1k before completing a functional movement station such as a rowing or wall balls, before you then run another kilometre and complete another station, until you've done all 8k and all eight stations.

Hyrox has a 98% completion rate and so far, the record for the fastest time at completing it is held by World Champion, Hunter McIntyre, who smashed it in 54 minutes, by Megan Jacob in the female division, who did it in 59 minutes.

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The competition is held across the world with people competing in London, Manchester, Mexico, Berlin, New York and Melbourne among many more.

Competitors wear a timing chip on their ankle which tracks their movements throughout the race.

What does Hyrox stand for?

Hyrox doesn't actually stand for anything. Instead it was said to be created by the founders on a night out, where they combined 'hybrid' and 'rockstar'.

What actually happens during a Hyrox race?

Ok, let's dig into what the eight rounds of a Hyrox competition actually look like:

  • 1km run

  • 1km SkiErg

  • 1km run

  • 50m sled push (weight changes per category)

  • 1km run

  • 50m sled pull (weight changes per category)

  • 1km run

  • 80m burpee broad jumps

  • 1km run

  • 1km row

  • 1km run

  • 200m farmer's carry (weight changes per category)

  • 1km run

  • 100m sandbag lunges (weight changes per category)

  • 1km

  • 75 or 100 wall balls (weight changes per category)

And you're done!

What are the Hyrox categories?

There are five categories you can compete in, with the functional movements and runs staying the same, but the weights of the functional movements changing.

These are the five Hyrox categories:

  1. Individual – Take on the standard challenge by yourself

  2. Individual Pro – For the experienced racer with heavier weights to give more of a challenge

  3. Individual GORUCK – Complete your Hyrox race wearing a 9KG or 7KG 'GORUCK' weight vest for an added challenge

  4. Doubles - Take on the challenge as a pair and split the workload across the event

  5. Relay Teams – Split the work up between four people for the fastest and most accessible version of the race

These categories are also further divided into genders, male, female or you can compete as a mixed team/pair.

women in hyrox

How to train for Hyrox

Yes, Hyrox is technically for everyone, but turning up for the competition with zero preparation and training is not a good idea.

Amy Golby, a former personal trainer at MyProtein, the official nutrition partner of Hyrox, suggests it's important to focus on both running (it's 50 per cent of the race after all) as well as on the functional movements. With this, you want to make sure you're not doing the training in isolation though – so make sure your training includes practising running before and after completing functional movements.

If you've never done certain moves or used certain equipment before, such as the SkiErg (btw it's that machine with little green handles that look like Shrek ears, that you pull down) ask the staff at your local gym to show you how to use it. Equally, you don't want to turn up on the day never having done a sled pull.

Fitness First, The Gym Group and Third Space all offer Hyrox specific classes too, which are not only a great way to meet other people training for the event and get a good feeling for what the big day will feel like, but it's the best way to get tips on your form and technique with the specific Hyrox movements.

Hyrox events

Racing to get going with a Hyrox event? Hyrox events take place over a weekend, with different times for the various divisions. Each weekend Hyrox takes place in a different city and at the end of the year the best of the best athletes compete in the World Championships.

It costs just over £100 to enter the race per participant, and depending on your city the events can often sell out quickly.

All the upcoming Hyrox events are available to find on the Hyrox website

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