Here’s Everything to Know About America’s Biggest Buc’ee’s — Opening This Month

Have you ever seen a convenience store with 1.5 football fields’ worth of merchandise?

<p>Courtesy of Buc-ees</p>

Courtesy of Buc-ees

If you’ve ever uttered the phrase, “What’s so great about a convenience store?” then it’s clear you haven’t been to Buc-ee’s.

Wawa hoagies are widely celebrated in the Northeast and Casey’s pizza is beloved across the Midwest. But Texas-based Buc-ee’s, the darling of road-trippers nationwide, has spent the last five years aggressively expanding its domain and now has locations in ten states. And it’s not just growing in number — it’s growing in size, too. The world’s largest Buc-ee’s travel center will open in Luling, Texas on June 10 — its 50th location.

Just how big is the biggest Buc-ee’s? According to a press release, the new travel center (found at 10070 I-10) boasts 75,000 square feet, 120 gas pumps, a staff of 200, hot and prepared foods, the chain’s signature fudge, jerky, pastries, and Buc-ee’s brand bagged snacks, including Beaver Nuggets.

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There will also be plenty of merchandise featuring Buc-ee’s beaver mascot, including plushies and T-shirts. The Luling location will beat out the current world’s largest convenience store, which is also a Buc-ee’s. The Sevierville, Tennessee location stands at 74,707 square feet.

Buc-ee’s was founded in 1982, but it didn’t begin its expansion until 21 years later. The new store will replace the first-ever Buc-ee’s travel center, which opened in 2003 in Luling. (Multi-state expansion kicked off in 2019.)

“Everything is bigger in Texas, and we are very excited to bring the title of ‘Biggest Buc-ee’s in the World’ back home where the legend began,” said Buc-ee's spokesperson and general counsel Jeff Nadalo. “The new Luling store will feature even more award-winning clean restrooms and the additional space will give customers more fueling positions, additional shopping options, and a greater selection of freshly prepared food and snacks.”

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Buc-ee’s accolades are numerous. If you caught that “clean restrooms” reference, it’s because the company is proud of its reputation for sparkling and plentiful rest facilities, even earning the Cintas “America’s Best Restroom” award in 2012. The chain also has a page on its website for its world records — not just World’s Largest Convenience Store, but also the World’s Longest Car Wash (255 feet, found in Katy, Texas). And who would have thought that a gas station brisket sandwich could beat the barbecue found in several other U.S. states?

With the new location's abundant floor space, Buc-ee’s fans will have the chance to shop, dine, refuel their cars, and relieve themselves in style.

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“It’s particularly exciting, considering this is the Buc-ee’s that started it all,” said Buc-ee’s director of real estate Stan Beard. “We are really looking forward to celebrating with the incredible people of Luling.”

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