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In the real world, awards season has finally come to an end. But in the latest season of American Horror Story, the long road to winning an Oscar is just beginning to heat up. Months after taking a midseason break, the twelfth season of Ryan Murphy’s Emmy-winning FX anthology series will return for a new batch of weekly episodes starting April 3, 2024.

Titled Delicate, the latest season of American Horror Story follows Anna Victoria Alcott (Emma Roberts), an actress whose latest film, an indie horror called The Auteur, is garnering the kind of big awards buzz every actor dreams of. The only problem? After struggling to get pregnant, Anna’s experience with IVF finally works right as she’s gearing up for what could very well be the busiest press circuit of her career thus far.

And that’s not to mention all the weird things happening around her pregnancy, the inescapable feeling that she’s being stalked, and the strange Satanic visions she keeps experiencing throughout the day. Once Anna realizes that the people closest to her — including her husband, Dex (Matt Czuchry); her publicist, Siobhan (Kim Kardashian); and her fertility doctor, Dr. Hill (Denis O’Hare) — seem to be hellbent on ignoring her concerns, she justifiably begins to worry that something sinister may be afoot.

The season premiered with Part One back in September of last year, rolling out the first five episodes on a weekly basis. Delicate is the first AHS installment to be split into two parts — a decision made in response to last year’s overlapping actors’ and writers’ strikes, which delayed filming. But after completing production on the nine-episode season, Delicate is set to resume. Below, find everything you need to know about Part Two of American Horror Story: Delicate.

How to Watch 'AHS: Delicate' Part Two

Like all FX series, American Horror Story: Delicate will be available to watch on the FX channel (on Wednesday nights) and to stream on Hulu (on Thursdays). Part Two of the series kicks off on April 3, with the premiere of episode six (“Opening Night”) at 10:00 pm ET on FX. Hulu subscribers will be able to access the episode on the streaming service the very next day.

'AHS: Delicate' Part Two Cast

AHS: Delicate is led by Ryan Murphy regular Emma Roberts, who is appearing in her sixth season of the franchise. The Scream Queen actress plays Anna Victoria Alcott, an actress campaigning for an Oscar while also dealing with a complicated (and possibly sinister) pregnancy.

Roberts is joined by Matt Czuchry as Anna’s art gallerist husband Dexter “Dex” Harding Jr. Though Dex initially seems invested in his wife becoming pregnant, his demeanor quickly changes once she is. As Anna’s paranoia gradually increases, Dex goes to increasingly drastic lengths to ignore her desperate pleas and downplay her worries and anxieties.

Other cast members include Succession breakout Annabelle Dexter-Jones as Sonia Shawcross, one of Dex’s work friends who Anna is convinced bears a striking resemblance to her husband’s late wife; Michaela Jaé Rodriguez as Nicolette, a house manager with possibly ulterior motives; Denis O’Hare as the somewhat suspicious fertility doctor Dr. Hill; and supermodel Cara Delevigne as Ivy, who Anna meets as a “nurse” before eventually discovering that she is not a nurse at all, but rather someone who might be stalking her.

But perhaps the biggest star gracing our screens with her presence is Kim Kardashian, making her scripted TV debut. As Anna’s no-nonsense publicist Siobhan, the reality TV star-cum-shapewear mogul has been praised for her perfectly off-kilter performance. In fact, Ryan Murphy was impressed enough to give the budding actress another series that has already been greenlit: next, Kardashian will star as a successful divorce lawyer in a new Hulu legal drama that has been described as a “high-end, glossy and sexy adult procedural.”

<p>Eric Liebowitz/FX</p>

Eric Liebowitz/FX

'AHS: Delicate' Part One Recap

Delicate is the first season of American Horror Story to be based on existing source material. Inspired by Danielle Valentine’s horror thriller Delicate Condition, the story takes many elements from Rosemary’s Baby and places them right in the middle of Hollywood, where Anna Victoria Alcott is in the throes of mounting an Oscar campaign for her surprise hit indie horror film. Naturally, she fulfills her long-held dreams of getting pregnant at the worst possible time — and just as it is in Rosemary’s Baby, she is given good reason to believe that something feels off.

Anna spent much of Part One trying to make sense of the strange occurrences happening to her. And in episode five, some questions are finally answered as we travel back in time to learn the sordid story of one Ms. Preecher, a once-promising fashion designer who after getting unexpectedly pregnant agreed to give her child away in exchange for success. The flashback is most telling for one reveal: Ms. Preecher’s doctor, who was heavily involved in her deal with the devil, was none other than Dr. Hill, the same fertility doctor who has been watching over Anna.

In the present, Anna has been forced into bedrest and is forbidden from traveling to the Golden Globes. Instead, the actress watches the ceremony from home, where she is devastated as Babette Eno, a younger actress who is Anna’s main competition in the category, wins the award she feels should be hers. But not all hope is lost. Shortly after the ceremony, Siobhan calls Anna and asks, “Do you want an Oscar? Do you want it as much as a baby?” Anna, of course, says she does. When she wakes up the next day, she is greeted by a rather disturbing tidbit of news: Babette Eno has been decapitated in a mysterious car accident. Cue dramatic music.

What to Expect From Part Two

After Part One’s jaw-dropping reveal, Part Two is poised to take us even deeper into Anna’s Oscar campaign. With Anna’s chief competition in the Best Actress race now out of the picture, the actress has significantly more momentum, and if Anna is fully committed to following Siobhan’s lead, it’s possible she may just nab that elusive trophy after all.

But in a trailer for the new episodes, Anna’s situation seems to be getting worse. “Something’s happening to me,” she tells Siobhan while sitting at a restaurant and taking a big loud bite out of a crunchy bone. Though Siobhan promises to give her client “the life of [her] dreams,” Anna’s progressively worsening condition (which, again, may be sabotage) threatens to ruin it all.

The horror imagery also seems more intense, as weird creatures seem to crawl out of Anna’s very pregnant stomach and a group of women in bird-like costumes ominously pace down hallways and dark corridors. Sure, at one point, Anna seems to lean in for a passionate kiss with Siobhan. But we must not underestimate her publicist’s capacity for evil: when Anna says she can’t keep campaigning for her Oscar, Siobhan slaps her across the face without thought. “You’re a monster,” Anna says. “Oh no, babe,” Siobhan replies. “I am so much worse.”

Will There Be More 'American Horror Story'?

American Horror Story is one of Ryan Murphy’s longest-running series and continues to be a reliable hit for FX, so it’s no surprise that the show is set to return for a thirteenth season. Back in 2020, the network renewed the franchise for four new seasons (10, 11, 12, and 13) all at once. At the time, FX chairman John Landgraf described AHS creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk as “the undisputed masters of horror TV.” It’s hard to imagine them severing ties now.

Of course, since American Horror Story is an anthology series that starts fresh with each new installment (save for season 8, Apocalypse, which tried to connect all past seasons together), the thirteenth outing will most likely focus on a brand new story featuring brand new characters. While some season 12 actors may return for the next round — particularly the Murphy-verse mainstays, like Emma Roberts and Denis O’Hare — we can safely expect all of the Delicate strings to be tied up by the time its season finale airs on April 24th.

For now, the only question left to ask is: How far would you go to win an Oscar?

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