This Expensive-Looking Bag Is the Most Complimented Item in My Wardrobe

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Supermodels wear it, too.

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Amazon / InStyle

A shoulder bag that goes with everything can be hard to find — doubly so when it’s on trend, looks downright expensive, and costs under $120. Miele Bianco, a brand worn by celebrities and my new go-to for chic, reasonably priced handbags, is a goldmine, and you can shop it at Amazon. My current favorite from the brand, the Jennie Bag, receives endless compliments.




The Miele Bianco Jennie Bag is an asymmetrical vegan leather purse with chic, understated details that make it a stylish, versatile staple. Available in beige, brown, and a deep forest green, it’s rather difficult to choose a favorite among the neutral, seasonless shades. The faux leather exterior is smooth, durable, and high quality, adding to the chic appeal.

I’ve worn the bag with virtually every outfit-vibe, including svelte sweatpants, boxy power suits, and slinky dresses for nights out. Honestly, I’ve yet to carry this purse without receiving at least one compliment from a friend or passerby. Moreover, those who inquire about it are usually surprised when I tell them it’s under $120, as it looks significantly more expensive than it actually is.

The bag has a structured, relatively rigid exterior, which retains its notably trendy shape: an asymmetrical sloped edge that adds an understated-yet-interesting edge to any outfit. The handle features a luxurious-looking, oversized bead, and despite its light color, the bag resists dirt or signs of wear and tear: After almost a year of ownership and countless carries — not to mention, dropping it on the pavement a few times — my own still looks as pristine as when I first received it.




As for the technical specs: The bag is relatively roomy for its size. With dimensions measuring 5.5 inches in height by 8 inches in length, it comfortably holds two Kind bars, an iphone, a passport or credit card, a mini hairbrush, and more lipsticks than any person really needs — from personal experience. Unlike some trendy, similarly sized bags I own, it also features a zipper — and a sturdy one at that — which, given my naturally clumsy nature, instills peace of mind knowing that its contents will remain on my person and not on the pavement. Plus, the bag’s hardware is designed with quality in mind; each gold-colored metal portion is coated in a protective material to ensure scratch-free, long lasting wear.

I’m hardly the sole fan of the bag, which has been worn by the likes of actor Jamie Chung and supermodel Sara Sampaio. Moreover, shoppers are enamored with it, too. One reviewer calls it “a must-have,” noting that they’ve bought it twice — once for themselves and once for a friend who “loved [their] bag so much,” they wanted one of their own. “It’s such good quality,” the shopper adds, and “affordable.” Another shopper notes its “cute asymmetrical design,” adding that it feels “soft to the touch.” Yet another fan, who is “absolutely in love” with the purse, points to its “great quality” and, elegance, and “perfect” size.

For a shopper-loved, supermodel-worn handbag with the makings of your next go-to, shop the Miele Bianco Jennie bag at Amazon for $115.

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