Expert weighs in on whether or not you should wash your face for at least 60 seconds

One creator is sharing her skin care tips, courtesy of several visits to a Korean beauty clinic in Los Angeles.

After moving to L.A., Hana Sim (@hanasim_) has been regularly getting facials at Korean beauty clinic Misarang Beauty. In doing so, she’s also picked up a few tips and tricks from her facialist to share on TikTok that she claims are easily doable at home.

According to Sim, using a clay mask, especially after “long days of wearing makeup,” is a helpful way to combat the buildup of blackheads on your nose, especially if you have oily skin. Reapplying facial sunscreen every four hours, she adds, is also imperative, as most of the products “only last for around four hours.” And similarly, she urges, make sure to “focus on your neck and décolletage area” when applying skin care products.

One of her more revelatory skin care tips, however, has everything to do with the length of time you should wash your face for. “You need to wash your face for at least 60 seconds,” she says, before adding that her facialist apparently “knew right away” that this wasn’t something she did.

“In fact, I was only washing my face for five to 10 seconds. I know. Is that gross? I still only wash my face for 60 seconds after I wear makeup, not in the morning,” she says. “But I do see a huge difference in my skin, especially my blackheads, after I started doing this.”

This concept isn’t new. Per Allure, the #60SecondRule went viral on Twitter in 2019 after Los Angeles-based aesthetician Nayamka Roberts-Smith (@labeautyologist) urged her followers to cleanse their faces twice daily for a full minute each time.

“Sixty seconds allows your cleanser enough time to soften sebum, to penetrate pores and to soften the skin, really working to remove excess sweat, debris, SPF, makeup and everything else that’s been on your skin all day,” Roberts-Smith says in a video posted on TikTok in 2021.

So just how accurate is the 60-second rule?

According to Sarah Akram, celebrity master aesthetician and lash and brow specialist, the 60-second rule is, in fact, a more “effective method” of washing your face “instead of the usual 15-20 seconds.”

“The purpose of this rule is to let your skin soften as you work the cleanser and warm water into your face,” she told In The Know by Yahoo via email. “As a result, this helps dissolve sebum blockages better. It allows the cleanser enough time to deeply penetrate the skin to properly wash away dirt, oil, and any makeup residue. For this method of cleansing, I recommend cleansers like Urban Skin Even Tone Cleansing Bar, Neova Radiant Wash, and the Biopelle Exfoliating Cream Cleanser which are all great options to effectively cleanse the skin.”

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