Fans amused after Kristen Stewart gives Seth Meyers a ‘lesbian makeover’

Fans amused after Kristen Stewart gives Seth Meyers a ‘lesbian makeover’

Seth Meyers just transformed into an alter-ego no one saw coming.

During his recent “Day Drinking” segment with Kristen Stewart on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the talk show host received a “lesbian makeover.”

After chugging beers, ingesting cocktails, and taking shots with the Twilight actress, Meyers, 50, told Stewart, 33, he wanted to become a “lesbian icon” like she was. Next to them, a rack of clothing and a pile of accessories was lined up, ready for the Love Lies Bleeding star to pick through for Meyers to try.

Stewart proceeds to look through the items, commenting on their apparent outdatedness. “Do you feel like you’re seeing what you need to see?” Meyers asked to which Stewart responded: “This is really dated, dude. I guess it’s all coming back around, though, right?”

“I mean I’m kind of an expert on how lesbians dress,” Meyers joked from behind a dressing divider.

Stewart then settled on a denim jacket, white tank top, aviator blue light glasses, tight-fitting black pants, and an army green beanie.

“Dude, you look cool,” the Spencer lead proclaimed. “Do you not feel cooler than you ever felt?”

In response, Meyers said: “I feel as though I’ve reverted to what I’m supposed to be. Thank you!”

Viewers shared the host’s excitement, commenting in awe of his new look and applauding Stewart for dressing him.

“Kristen giving Seth a makeover was everything I needed and more,” one enamored fan wrote.

Another agreed: “And the slow mo Seth ‘Lesbian’ reveal was pretty freaking adorable.”

“Oh no, when Seth’s new outfit is my usual outfit lol,” one viewer jokingly revealed.

“Comedian by day, chic lesbian by night. Now that’s a makeover show I’d watch,” an X, formerly known as Twitter, user remarked.

Though this may have been Meyers’ first “lesbian makeover,” it wasn’t the first refashioning he’s done on the segment. Back in 2019, Meyers welcomed Rihanna in the “Day Drinking” bit, during which the singer painted his face in her Fenty Beauty products.

By the end of the episode, Meyers had blue eye shadow on top and below his eyes, looking more like Joey Tribbiani from his lip balm commercial in Friends.