Fans Are Calling Martha Stewart's Dinner The 'Most Terrifying Thing' They've Ever Seen

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Fans Are Horrified By Martha Stewart's DinnerTheo Wargo/Getty Images / @marthastewart48/Instagram

Martha Stewart is no stranger to controversy. Just last year she was slammed by the internet for drinking a cocktail made from an iceberg and making "awfully burnt" s'mores. Now, the internet is coming for her over a meal she had at a restaurant.

The television personality took to Instagram on Wednesday to share an, um, out-of-the-box fine-dining experience she recently had in New York.

"We had the pleasure of [dining] last evening @maisonbarne, which is located in the same location as @cafebouludny on Park Ave @georgetteny is the proprietress and in her perfect French way she has created an early 20th century dining experience," Martha wrote in the post. "The restaurant offers amazing pate, roast chicken and lobster, fresh complex salads, delicious desserts, lovely entrees and spectacular vegetables The wine list is sophisticated and excellent and the service delightful I cannot wait to return!!"

While Stewart shared a slideshow of plates, the first photo—which featured a roast chicken-lobster hybrid—had fans running to the comment section.

"That first picture seems like a PETA hate crime," one user wrote.

Another chimed in, "Martha are you dining at the hunger games capitol??"

"When you’ve cooked every type of meal and now you’re just making stuff up," a third person wrote.

Others called the odd-looking meal "nasty," an "abomination," and the "most terrifying thing [Martha's] ever posted."

The Maison Barne dish, which is reportedly a lobster-stuffed chicken for $250, according to Food Republic, has the lobster claws, head, and tail presented in a way to looks like they are coming out of the chicken's body.

"This is the most upsetting thing I’ve ever seen," another concerned fan wrote on Instagram. "Is this one of those posts where you’re trying to let us know you’ve been kidnapped and are in danger???!?!?!?!!!!????"

Of course, not everyone was turned off by the "Chobster."

"You forgot to add a little caviar on top! 🤌✨" one person wrote. "The chocolate cake looks good!" another person added.

Don't be shy, Martha. Drop your own Chobster recipe. It'll be the next turducken.

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