Fans praise Anne Hathaway for ‘setting boundaries’ with paparazzi and fans

Fans praise Anne Hathaway for ‘setting boundaries’ with paparazzi and fans

Anne Hathaway takes a calm but firm approach when addressing the paparazzi.

Between the New York premiere of The Idea of You to a Today Show appearance this week ahead of the release of her new film, the 41-year-old was jam-packed with press events. The actress was spotted stepping in and out of her hotel, shuttling from one end of Manhattan to another.

At each stop, Hathaway was greeted by a group of exuberant fans, begging for her autograph, and persistent paparazzi, requesting her photo. And while the Hollywood star was always willing to oblige, she insisted on settling the often impatient groups first.

In videos uploaded to TikTok, The Devil Wears Prada lead is seen standing in front of begging fans, pushing past security barriers asking her to acknowledge them.

One post showed her outside the Kelly and Mark Show on 30 April, urging everyone gathered to stay calm.

Hathaway took a deep breath and slowly moved her hands in a downward motion, signaling the fans and paparazzi to settle.

“I will get to everybody,” she said. “When you step back, I will get to everybody. Everybody please relax. Please don’t push.”

Another video featured Hathaway stepping out of a black Suburban and being greeted by eager camera personnel.

Amid screams for her, she is heard saying: “Hello, everyone. I think the way we do this is, I’ll take some photos and then I’ll come and sign.”

“Is it okay if I come to you?” she kindly asked.

Online, most viewers commended the One Day actress for the way she approached the excited audience.

“We love an organised queen,” one TikTok user wrote, while another added: “She’s setting boundaries!!”

A third noted: “Good for her! I couldn’t imagine people yelling at me like that.”

“I have ADHD and get overstimulated. I would need to do this too. She’s being nice,” one individual remarked.

However, a handful of TikTok users admitted they were irritated by Hathaway’s actions, calling her “controlling”.

One person said: “She gets on my nerves with this,” while another suggested Hathaway spends “so much time” trying to direct the crowd and should instead “just walk away and hide”.

Similar videos of the A-lister surfaced back in December. After the 2023 CFDA Awards, Hathaway switched into a red bubble Valentino dress embellished with big rosettes on the bottom and over-the-knee black boots.

To a group of waiting fans, Hathaway is captured saying: “Just a moment. Stay where you are. I’ll come to you. Is that okay? We are not going to push. This is very calm. Thank you so much.”

Hathaway’s new movie will be available to stream on Prime Video starting 2 May.