Fans Swear They've Figured Out The Mystery Celeb In Pringles' Super Bowl Commercial

pringles travis kelce
Who Is The Pringles Super Bowl Ad Mystery Celeb?Pringles

A Super Bowl mystery is brewing on social media, all thanks to Pringles. The potato chip brand will once again air a Super Bowl commercial, and to create some excitement, they've released a teaser featuring what could be the star of the ad.

In the side-by-side photo, there's an image of the Pringles mascot, as well as a cropped image of a man with a handlebar mustache. The teaser also includes the caption: "Once you see can't unsee it."

Nearly a hundred people commented on the photo, and the majority of comments said that the mystery man in the photo is none other than Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce. To be fair, there were also a few other ideas, including Breaking Bad's Walter White and television host Jimmy Fallon.

Taylor Swift's beau has certainly made cameos in his fair share of commercials over the past year, so Travis starring in Pringles' Super Bowl ad isn't that far-fetched. In fact, according to Sports Business Journal, the tight end has appeared in more commercials this season than any other celebrity—375 to be exact!

And although Travis is currently rocking the mustache and beard combo (likely to combat those below zero temps), if you scroll through his Instagram profile, you'll notice that there are a few photos where he's sporting a mustache only, kind of like the Pringles teaser photo.

Well, until the Super Bowl airs on February 11, it appears that Pringles' mystery man will remain just that.

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