Fans Think Ariana Grande's Next Music Video Is 'Gossip Girl'-Themed and the Evidence Is Honestly Compelling

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Wait, Is Ari's New Video 'Gossip Girl'-Themed?DAMEBK/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images

Based on what she's delivered thus far, Ariana Grande's new album is going to be pretty much everything. And while she's still busy promoting her lead single "yes, and?" fans are convinced that Ariana's already teasing her next release. And they've potentially figured out the title and music video theme—or at least have a very compelling theory.

Before we get into it, Ariana has already weighed into all of this and attempted to tell everyone that she's literally still out here trying to celebrate "yes, and?" But theories gotta theory, you know?

Which brings us to the predominant fan theory making the rounds on Twitter: that Ariana's working on a music video based on Gossip Girl. This theory is partially supported by yet-to-be-verified rumors that Ariana's next single will be called "attention," and the fact that one of the Gossip Girl season 2 promos was "do we have your attention?"

Plus, fans noticed that 1) Ari followed Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford, 2) she dressed in an outfit similar to one Kelly wore while playing Lily in the show, and 3) Kelly liked this post:

Plus, there's this outfit reference:

I mean...there's definitely enough here to get excited. But again, Ariana made it clear ^^^ that she's currently focused on "yes, and?" so guess we'll attempt* to calm down until news about her next single is announced.

*Emphasis on attempt. Calming down doesn't actually seem realistic at this point or any point in the future.

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