A Far Right Conspiracy Theorist Is Being Dragged For Posting A Really Foolish Meme With A Double Meaning He Never Knew About

Alex Jones is a far-right radio show host and conspiracy theorist best known for spewing bullshit and starting the website, InfoWars.

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He's going viral for all the wrong reasons after posting a moronic meme.

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Here's the meme:

Twitter: @RealAlexJones

Eating leftist ass? I'm not sure he knows what that means.

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People immediately called out the foolery.

Twitter: @RealAlexJones @RealAlexJones/ Twitter: @TheAmazingRyGuy

"Dinner and a movie first," this person said.

Twitter: @RealAlexJones @RealAlexJones/Twitter: @LaikaAlan

"This isn't the own you think it is," another person said.

Twitter: @RealAlexJones @RealAlexJones/Twitter: @BEG_two

Some people didn't believe the meme was real to begin with.

Twitter: @RealAlexJones @RealAlexJones/Twitter: @ManiacalZ

And this person said it's basically giving "live, laugh, love."

Twitter: @RealAlexJones @RealAlexJones/Twitter: @reallouiehuey

To make things even worse, Alex Jones doubled down on the post and said he was referencing cannibalism.

Tweet by Alex Jones discussing a misunderstood warrior metaphor related to "The Great Reset" and cannibalism

That also didn't make much sense.

Twitter: @thetrueshelby

Ultimately, this whole thing is ridiculous.

Twitter: @RealAlexJones @RealAlexJones/Twitter: @NikkiMcR

Some people just need to log out.

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