Watch this caring teacher become an instant dad to four siblings

When Justin Padgett began tutoring 5th grader Jayden, he had no idea it would lead to acquiring an instant family.

“I would do one-on-one tutoring to make sure his work was completed and caught up,” Justin said. “So we got to develop a relationship early on that year.” As the months passed, Jayden not only excelled in his studies but also came to see Justin as a father figure. Then, one day, with a mix of hope and courage, Jayden asked Justin to adopt him.

Justin rushed home to share the news with his wife, Kasey. She had always dreamed of having a big family and was thrilled at the thought of welcoming Jayden into their lives. But there was a twist - Jayden had three siblings who also needed a home.

“That was something to think about because it would be four kiddos that need to be adopted,” said Justin.

After a deep discussion, the couple made their decision - they would adopt all four children through the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. And for Jayden, it was a dream come true. "I was really happy because he was going to adopt all four of us, and we could all stay together!" he says.

Watch the video above to hear from the Padgett family about their incredible journey

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Teacher gets his dream assignment as a dad to an instant family