This Father's Day, There Are So Many DIY Ways Kids Can Show Dad He "Rocks"

background patterndad rocks foam record coasters and dad rocks painted rocks are two good housekeeping picks for best father's day crafts
50 Simple Father's Day Crafts for KidsHearst Owned

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When it comes to finding a Father's Day gift, many dads will turn around and say that they don't want anything — that being a dad is enough, and you can't buy a gift for a dad who already has everything. But what he really means is that he wants something that can't found in a store: a one-of-a-kind, thoughtful DIY Father's Day gift from his favorite people.

These are the best Father's Day Crafts to try in 2024. Some are perfect for crafting newbies, and can be done by toddlers, preschoolers and any baby with a willing limb for a handprint or a footprint. Others are for more experienced crafters, the elementary schoolers, tweens and teens who can handle a Cricut or know their way around a baking sheet. Most of them let kids unleash their creativity and personalize their projects for Dad's personality. One thing's for certain: When he gets it, he'll definitely give a big smile. The only thing that could make it even better is a thoughtful message in his Father's Day Card, and he'll be on Cloud Nine until next Father's Day.

Nuts Photo Frame

For the dad who loves to work with his tool box, this frame will make use of the extra bits he has on his work bench. He can keep this frame where he does his building too.

Get the tutorial at Happiness Is Homemade »

a frame with metal nuts of various sizes glued to it the frame has a message that says we're nuts about you dad
Happiness Is Homemade

Father's Day Taco Cookies

If Dad's a fan of Taco Tuesday, make him sweet treats that celebrates his favorite meal. This recipe even shows how to texture the cookies to really look like a taco shell. It's half-craft, half-edible gift!

Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess »

dad themed taco cookies from a beautiful mess
A Beautiful Mess

Baseball Card

Dads who love to root, root, root for the home team will get a kick out of this baseball-themed card. Slide the baseball up for an extra surprise — a picture of his loved ones.

Get the tutorial at The Soccer Mom Blog »

a baseball glove shaped card with a photo that says our dad is a catch
The Soccer Mom Blog

Mustache Treat Bag

If you love Dad to pieces, give him some, well, Reese's Pieces. A big, bushy mustache tag is the cherry on top.

Get the tutorial at A Pumpkin and a Princess »

a bag decorate with a mustache that says love you to pieces
A Pumpkin and a Princess

Paint-Tipped Golf Tees

Golf gifts are a classic for Father's Day for a reason — some dads just love hitting the links. He'll think about his family every time he takes a swing with these hand-painted tees, courtesy of his favorite people.

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Get the tutorial at Design Improvised »

a pile of hand painted golf tees surrounding a golf ball
Design Improvised

Record Coasters

A little bit of craft foam can be transformed into Dad's favorite hits. And this gift is functional too — they can be used as a coasters.

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Get the tutorial at Craft Project Ideas »

father's day crafts, upcycled records used as coasters for glasses
Craft Project Ideas

Customizable Dad Portraits

It's dad in technicolor! Blogger Brittany's Father's Day portrait template gives crafters everything they need to make a groovy portrait of Dad's face. The brighter, the better!

Get the tutorial at The House That Lars Built »

father's day crafts, paper dad portraits
The House That Lars Built

Mini Zen Garden

A moment of piece? That's a Father's Day gift that's truly priceless. Help Dad get into the zone by making him a zen garden with rocks, air plants, sand and a mini rake.

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Get the tutorial at See Vanessa Craft »

father's day crafts, diy zen garden with sand and a mini rake and plants
See Vanessa Craft

Dad Face Rocks Paperweights

This gift is for the dad who totally rocks. (Get it?) Send the kids outside to collect the materials, then decorate them with marker and washi tape.

Get the tutorial at Hello, Wonderful »

father's day crafts, white rocks decorated to look like dads
Hello, Wonderful

No. 1 Dad Father's Day Cookies

Three cheers for Dad! These pennant-shaped flags are decorated with Airhead candies that have been shaped with small letter stamps, so kids can choose their own (short) messages.

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Get the tutorial at Studio DIY »

father's day crafts, decorated flag shaped cookies
Studio DIY

Painted Father's Day Plate

These look so good, it's hard to believe they started off as paper plates! Your kids can trace this design with transfer paper, or come up with ones of their own.

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Get the tutorial at Crafty Chica »

father's day crafts painted paper plate with father written in front
Crafty Chica

You're My Hero Card

Dad has good taste, literally. Celebrate his sense of deliciousness and status as the family hero with this sandwich-themed card, which looks good enough to eat.

Get the tutorial at Michaels »

father's day crafts, sandwich shaped card with the words, you're my hero dad written on it

Father's Day Shirt Cards

No matter what his style, you can make Dad a card that looks just like his favorite shirts. All it takes is some patterned paper and a few other odds-and-ends that you probably already have lying around the house.

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father's day crafts, diy origami shirt cards made with patterned cardstock
Club Crafted

Washi Tape Crafts Stick Frames

This craft is so simple, even the littlest ones can get inolved. They can pick out washi tape to put around craft sticks, which form the basis for this hang-able frame.

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Get the tutorial at Typically Simple »

father's day crafts, family photo framed in a washi tape stick frame made of craft sticks
Typically Simple

Father's Day Sports Donuts

Purchase a bag of glazed mini donuts, then decorate them with white, red, blue and brown frosting to represent Dad's favorite sports. Display the delectable soccer balls, footballs and basketballs on fake grass, and stick toothpicks with mini pennants on top for a more sporty look.

Get the tutorial at The House That Lars Built »

father's day crafts, sports decorated donuts with mini flags
The House That Lars Built

Paper Airplane Garland

Is Dad a history buff? If so, fold paper maps into mini airplanes. Stamp messages on each one, then hot glue string or twine to connect them. During the Father's Day celebration, hang his new airplane garland for everyone to see!

Get the tutorial at Studio DIY »

father's day crafts paper airplane garland
Studio DIY

Dinosaur Terrarium

After they're done making the terrarium — full of moss, pebbles, soil and stones — let kids write “Have a Raw-Tastic Father’s Day!" on small paper flags for a dinosaur-themed touch.

Get the tutorial at Hello Wonderful »

father's day crafts, terrarium with pebbles, soil, moss and toy dinosaurs
Hello Wonderful

Wooden Dad Car

Give your kids a helping hand making cool cars with plywood and flat wheels. Putting them together will be worth the time, especially if Dad has a thing for automobiles.

Get the tutorial at Hello Wonderful »

father's day crafts, two small white wooden toy cars with black flags
Hello Wonderful

Salt Dough Magnets

This craft looks like something you picked up at a cute gift shop — but it's really from homemade salt dough. Deck them out in Dad's favorite color and keep them on your fridge for as long as Dad wants.

Get the tutorial at Crafts by Amanda »

father's day crafts, blue, yellow and green salt dough dad magnets
Crafts by Amanda

We Love Dad Banner

You'll need contact paper, double-sided tape, cardstock and a banner template to make this thoughtful sign. Hang it by the snack bar or above the mantel on Dad's special day.

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Get the tutorial at Sarah Hearts »

father's day crafts we love dad banner hanging on the white and yellow patterned wall
Sarah Hearts

Daddy Clay Dish

He can store all of his small items and accessories in this playful dish. Michaels provides all three steps for kids to scoop out their clay and transform it into a one-of-a-kind gift that's practical for Dad.

Get the tutorial at Michaels »

father's day crafts daddy clay dish with a green center and blue exterior

Tin Can Pencil Holder

You can upcycle an old tin can (make sure there are no sharp edges!), paint it and personalize it with a photo. Then Dad can use it for pencils, flowers or anything else he might need to store.

Get the tutorial at Buggy and Buddy »

father's day crafts, green painted tin can pencil holder with a photo in front
Buggy and Buddy

Hero Stones

What makes Dad so great? Have your kids write their thoughts on rocks, which he can easily display in his office or bedroom.

Get the tutorial at Crafts by Amanda »

father's day crafts, a black crate full of painted and decorated stones
Crafts by Amanda

Father's Day Hammer Card

If Dad is the handy person of the house, he'll appreciate this DIY card — featuring one of his trusty tools on the front. It's a cool card craft for kids that requires twine, foam squares, a card base and a hammer embellishment.

Get the tutorial at Real Creative Real Organized »

father's day crafts, card with a hammer embellishment on the front
Real Creative Real Organized

Jars With Decals

This is a bit advanced since it requires a Cricut. But if you've got one, you can make personalized jars for all his favorite sauces and spices.

Get the tutorial at JOANN »

father's day crafts, three glass jars with personalized decals on the front

Father's Day Trophy

These trophies let kids totally unleash their creativity. Let them loose in the art-supply bin so they can grab their favorite materials (craft sticks, paint, pom-poms, etc.) and have them go wild!

Get the tutorial at Meri Cherry Art Studio »

father's day crafts, diy trophy that reads best dad ever made with craft sticks
Meri Cherry Art Studio

Origami Shirt Gift Bags

Help kids turn brown grocery bags and lunch sacks into colorful bags to hold your Father's Day gifts. Blogger Brittany used acrylic paint to decorate her collection with stripes, polka dots and other fun shapes.

Get the tutorial at The House That Lars Built »

father's day crafts, three colorful origami shirt shaped bags
The House That Lars Built

Handprint Keychain

It's a handprint craft — but shrunk down so Dad can keep it with him always. If you make it a yearly tradition, you can have fun comparing how much they've grown.

Get the tutorial at JOANN »

father's day crafts, keychain with small handprints key rings and keys attached

LolliPOP Prize Ribbon

He's so sweet, so give him a treat! These prizes are colorful and easy to assemble with cardstock, hot glue and lollipops. Once made, write your messages on the ribbons.

Get the tutorial at The House That Lars Built »

father's day crafts, diy ribbons with lollipops attached to the center
Jane Merritt/The House That Lars Built

Paper Roll Dad

For a one-of-a-kind dad, you need a one-of-a-kind gift — like a paper tube roll dressed up to look just like him. You can even make his favorite outfit!

Get the tutorial at Non-Toy Gifts »

father's day crafts, paper rolls with faces, googly eyes and ties
Stefi Luca/Non-Toy Gifts

Mustache Mugs

Whether or not Dad has a mustache of his own, he'll cherish the silly one his kids drew when sipping his coffee in the morning.

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Get the tutorial at Crafts by Amanda »

father's day crafts, colorful mugs with drawn on mustaches
Crafts by Amanda

Rock Picture Frame

It's a card, craft and gift in one! Make sure you take a Father's Day picture together so he has a new photo to put in this frame. Blogger Jody used tacky glue to attach the rocks and a brown paper bag to write, "My Dad Rocks."

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Get the tutorial at Mommy Moment »

father's day crafts, square picture frame with rocks
Kari Stroschein/Mommy Moment

Yoda Card

Dad is wise like Yoda. Your kids are cute like Grogu. It just makes sense that they'd give him a colored cardstock card that says, "Yoda best."

Get the tutorial at Simple Everyday Mom »

father's day crafts, small yoda designed green card
Simple Everyday Mom

Popcorn Card

If Dad is a movie buff, this card will bring him good cinema memories without all the sticky butter. Pom poms transform into popcorn kernels with just a little creativity.

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Get the tutorial at Craft Project Ideas »

father's day crafts popcorn card that reads there's no butter pop than you
Craft Project Ideas

Stick Roll-Up Card

He could hang this card up in his office so all his coworkers know the coolest things about him. Have kids decorate their craft sticks with markers before gluing them together, along with the paper where they wrote five things they love about Dad.

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Get the tutorial at Michaels »

father's day crafts, roll up craft stick card with five things written kids love about dad

Daddy & Daughter Scrabble Frame

With just a picture frame, Scrabble letters, a hot glue gun and some craft paint, you'll have a picture-perfect present for Dad in under 15 minutes.

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Get the tutorial from Practically Functional »

father's day crafts, picture of a father holding his baby framed in a picture frame decorated with scrabble letters
Practically Functional

Handmade Superhero Craft Card

It's the cutest way for the young superhero fan to show their love for the big superhero in her life. Start by tracing their handprint on cardstock.

Get the tutorial at The Best Ideas for Kids »

father's day crafts, super hero designed handprints on cardstock
The Best Ideas for Kids

Swedish Fish Box

Perfect for dads who love to fish, or love to eat Swedish fish! Make this cute craft into a hands-on learning experience by having kids sort the fish by color into different boxes.

Get the tutorial from Eighteen25 »

father's day crafts, plastic box with red, green, yellow and orange swedish fish inside

LEGO Building Memories Jar

Jot down a favorite activity of his on each LEGO, then pick them out of a mason jar when you need a fun weekend activity. When you're done with a few ideas, stack the LEGOs on top of one another to represent the memories "built."

Get the tutorial from The Seasoned Mom »

father's day crafts, jar with legos inside
The Seasoned Mom

I Love You This Much Hand Card

This one's definitely one of the easier crafts on this list! Kids trace their hands, and you help them cut out a strip of paper to fold in accordion style. Add some letter stickers and you're done!

Get the tutorial from Day in My Life »

father's day crafts, two paper handprints attached together with accordion paper
Day in My Life

Father Bobble Head

A mini version of him with a cutout of his face is sure to bring the whole family a few laughs and giggles. A painted dixie cup was used for the pants, while construction paper was cut into a mini shirt.

Get the tutorial at The Pinterested Parent »

father's day crafts bobble head cut out image of a dad with a green shirt
The Pinterested Parent

Homemade Monster Mix

Even the littlest monsters can help construct this healthy snack for dad. The blogger includes a printable to decorate the jar perfectly for the holiday.

Get the tutorial from Lil Luna »

father's day crafts, jar with trail mix and a personalized decal on the front
Lil Luna

Painted Monogram Hammer

Imagine how pleasantly surprised Dad will be to open his toolbox and see his hammer's colorful new look. First, sand the hammer's wood handle to rough up any coating, then get to painting your stripes, polka dots and squiggles.

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Get the tutorial at Crafts by Amanda »

father's day crafts painted hammer on the table
Crafts by Amanda

Hands Down Best Dad Ever Frame

This one already comes with a printable, so all you have to do is grab some blue tempera paint and get your kids to start stamping their hands.

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Get the tutorial from Catch My Party »

father's day crafts hands down best dad ever printable in a black frame
Catch My Party

Dad Typography Glasses

Simply print the template onto some sturdy cardboard in his favorite color. Make sure to help the little one when using the craft knife or scissors.

Get the tutorial at Mr. Printables »

father's day crafts, black dad letter shaped typography glasses
Mr Printables

Handprint Baseball

If Dad loves throwing the ball around with the kids, grab one from the toy basket and ink a handprint on top. Done!

Get the tutorial from Sunny Day Family »

father's day crafts, baseball with a black handprint
Sunny Day Family

Salt Dough Dad Frame

Here's a project multiple kids can work on together — "Dad" is the perfect word for a picture frame with two (or three!) photos.

Get the tutorial at The Soccer Mom Blog »

father's day crafts salt dough dad frame on the table with kid pictures inside
The Soccer Mom Blog

Love You to Pieces Picture Frame

Building the frame is easy: All you need is some cardboard, a few spare puzzle pieces and some craft sticks. The hard part will be choosing which picture to frame.

Get the tutorial from Crafty Morning »

father's day crafts love you to pieces father's day frame with a baby photo in the center
Crafty Morning

Scribble Mug Craft

Here's a craft that's pretty forgiving when it comes to kids who love to draw! Simply apply decorative stickers on a blank, ceramic mug, then let your child scribble away in various colors.

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Get the tutorial from I Heart Arts and Crafts »

father's day crafts, white mug scribbled in different colors
I Heart Arts n Crafts

Following in Dad's Footsteps Card

Grab one of dad's shoes (preferably an old and unused one) and dip it into some paint to make a shoe print. Follow the same process with baby's footprint, and you have an adorable card he'll hold on to for years to come.

Get the tutorial from Crafty Morning »

father's day crafts following in my daddy's shoes shoeprint card
Crafty Morning

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