Fathers should not be complimented or applauded for simply being a parent, says Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith says she believes fathers should not be “over-complimented or applauded for simply being a parent.

The singer, who shares two daughters with her ex-partner Leyman Lahcine, said she does not like the phrase “co-parent”.

“Co implies it is 50/50 and I don’t believe it is,” she said during an interview on ITV’s Lorraine on Wednesday (5 June).

She added: “ I don’t use the word “co-parent”, I say ‘Oh my kids go to their dads a few nights a week’ and I’m so happy that they do that and that they’ve got a lovely father, but let’s not over compliment them because they do get that all the time.

“Let’s not over-applaud them for actually parenting.”