Fazit Launches Freckle Makeup Patches

Fazit, which first launched with acne patches, is reimagining color cosmetics.

“We wanted a different format of makeup,” said cofounder Nina LaBruna.

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Her newest creation is a freckle patch, available in festival-ready gold and silver or a natural hue.

“It’s quick and easy,” she added. “You stick it on and peel it off.”

The beauty brand launched in January 2022, building a community on TikTok while spreading a message of #acnepositivity. Fazit’s visuals were unfiltered, showcasing its line of acne patches — manufactured in Asia — with realistic imagery of what it means to deal with skin concerns. Viewers were, in turn, comfortable to share their acne struggles and go barefaced.

Fazit has since expanded — entering 20 Urban Outfitters doors in February — while growing its offerings with other patches and skin care in mind. Last summer, the brand unveiled a version targeting ingrown hairs that’s become its bestseller. TikTok Shop has been a useful platform for the brand, LaBruna said.

Now the focus is on color. LaBruna and her partner, cofounder Aliett Buttelman, plan to release blush and highlighter patches — but first it’s freckles.

Fizit’s freckle patch packaging (in silver).
Fizit’s freckle patch packaging (in silver).

From 2022 to 2023, Fazit grew by 200 percent, according to the brand, and the company is projecting $3 million in revenue for 2024.

Why freckles first? Faux freckle makeup has become a rising category, but for LaBruna it’s also deeper.

“There was a time where freckles were considered maybe not the most aesthetically pleasing thing — like, I know growing up I was very embarrassed by my freckles,” she said. “I used to think it looked like I had dirt on my face, and I was always covering it up with concealer….As I’ve gotten older, I love my freckles now. It makes me feel individual.”

That’s the message behind Fazit — embracing individuality.

“We had a brainstorm chat a few months ago, where we were like, ‘OK, let’s really think about who our customer is, what our demographic is, what makes Fazit unique in terms of the products we’re offering and the service we’re catering,’” explained Buttelman. “And we’re like, ‘Our person is young, she’s fun, she’s youthful, she’s looking for satisfying, quick beauty remedies — something to even express herself and make her feel confident and happy and good in her skin.’ That’s where the makeup idea came from.”

Nina LaBruna and Aliett Buttelman
Nina LaBruna and Aliett Buttelman

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