The First Queer Eye Guy to Go Solo Is…

Christopher Smith/Netflix/ Courtesy Everett Collection

Remember the day Zayn left One Direction? Of course you do. It kicked off an international period of mourning.

This may not be as impactful, but to a Queer Eye stan, today is something like that fateful day. For today, Bobby “guy who renovates your house” Berk has left the Fab Five.

In a statement posted to X (f.k.a. Twitter), the interior designer thanked fans, telling them that, over the course of seven seasons, “together we were able to share the healing powers of design.” He announced that the upcoming eighth installment of the hit Netflix makeover show would be his last, and though he wrote only to the fans and not his fellow Eyes, he ended his statement with “#foreverthefab5.”

Except, it's not forever, because he's leaving, so then there will be only four of them, unless he is replaced? But I get the intention.

Berk's announcement comes after the news that the show has been picked up for a ninth season, so it's reasonable to guess he's just explaining that he didn't sign up for any more or want to renew his contract. On Instagram, self-esteem guru (sorry, “culture expert”) Karamo Brown wrote, “With todays announcement date of the new Season (8) of Queer Eye… My heart is broken that season 8 will be @bobby ’s last on Queer Eye! He is magic in what he designs and how he makes us all feel. #ForeverTheFab5,” and Berk commented, “I love YOU with all my heart. I wouldn’t have made it this long without you there with me. 🥹🥹🥹” Skin and hair expert Jonathan Van Ness posted a “love you Bobby” on their Instagram Stories, and as of this writing, chef Antoni and stylist Tan France haven't posted anything. Ahem, it tracks.

Online, fans are gutted.

It will be interesting to see how the show handles his absence, as he made, frankly, the biggest difference in the lives of the makeover subjects. His contribution to the show can best be summed up like this:

Bobby Berk, we look forward to your inevitable HGTV show!

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