Fitness blogger proves that bad posture can be just as misleading as Photoshop

Photo via Instagram/madalingiorgetta

Scroll through any social media channel and you’ll see before and after weight loss photos alongside glaring captions, such as “astounding weight loss” or “completely transform your body.” But one fitness and lifestyle blogger is suggesting that these transformations can be narrowed down to simple posture — no Photoshop necessary.

Madalin Giorgetta posted a side-by-side photo comparison of herself that could easily be mistaken for a before and after shot — but it all comes down to flexing.

“Ahh the difference a flattering pose can make,” the blogger wrote. “I love seeing these photos on my feed as it reminds me that we all have our best angles that we choose to share. The girls you see on Instagram don’t walk around with one leg bent and one hip popped and flexed abs the whole time!”

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In the photo to the left, Giorgetta stands with “bad posture.” Her stomach isn’t sucked in and her legs aren’t flexed, giving off the appearance that she weighs a bit more compared to the photo on the right, where she’s flexing.

“I don’t look like the right version in real life because who the hell stands like that in real life? But there’s also nothing wrong with posting your most flattering angle, it’s only human. After all, who wants to post that pic of your double chin?”

“Constantly seeing the same carefully posed pic on my feed can get tiring, so it’s always nice to see a crappy photo and think, ‘Oh hey, she’s a bit like me.””

The photo has been well received since it was posted less than a week ago, with many praising the blogger for her honesty.

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One user stated, “Girl you are beautiful and I give it to you bc a lot of Instagram ‘models’ aren’t willing to show a real side like you do. I love the way how you make us see we shouldn’t believe everything we see. You rock.”

“I’m glad you’re honest, you’re one of the realest people I follow on here,” another user wrote. “Yes we do decide what we post ourselves, yet I think it’s really brave how real you are and that’s the whole point about this post right? Honesty.”

Some users called the blogger out for photoshopping the side-by-side photos, so she shut them down by posting a video of how her different her body looks when she’s flexing.

“Because I’ve had comments on one of posts claiming Photoshop… no it’s called the human body and it moves in and out because I’m not a statue,” she captioned alongside the video.

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“I use filters, yes, I sometimes use Facetune to patch up a particularly heinous pimple, and like any chick I’m partial to good lighting and flattering angles but I would never ever use Photoshop to change the shape of my body. There’s enough misleading images about the female body as it is and I never want to add to that”

In an age with photoshop and Instagram filters and flexing just right to appear to have the perfect body — this is one side-by-side comparison that is candidly refreshing.

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