Is five-year-old North West too young for black lipstick? The internet certainly thinks so

Kim Kardashian West and North West. Image via Splash News.
Kim Kardashian West and North West. Image via Splash News.

She may only be 5, but Kim Kardashian West’s daughter is already making headlines for her fashion sense.

Over the weekend, the 38-year-old “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star shared a video of her eldest child, North West filmed during an outdoor church service. In the video, North dances while a choir performs “Lift Yourself” a song written by her father, Kanye West.

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Although the video was meant to showcase the young girl’s excitement during Sunday worship, it quickly sparked criticism over North’s black dress and matching bold lipstick.

“They need to stop putting make up on that little girl in social settings,” one person commented.

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“Something about all black for church is rubbing me off the wrong way,” another shared.

Twitter user @deszirr24 chastised the famous family for allowing their daughter to wear makeup in public, writing, “They need to be taught some things are for adults. I know not everyone agrees but they need to learn to be comfortable in their skin before changing it in any way.”

Some people went so far as to criticize North’s dancing skills, with one man calling out the young girl for “dancing like a hooch.”

Despite the backlash, there were plenty of KKW fans who came to North’s defense.

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“How they choose to raise their child is their concern,” Instagram user @femmedesoul wrote to the child’s critics. “And it’s black lipstick. I went to church with all kinds of glitter and lipstick on my face no one batted an eye cause I was a child and I was living my best life. God ain’t paying no mind to what you have on the outside. He created all and every colour in clouding black.”

Another checked the family’s haters by simply saying “The Bible said come as you are,” while others blamed internet trolls for taking out their feelings towards Kim and Kanye on their innocent daughter.

“Y’all so damn brainwashed into thinking anything black ain’t good,” wrote @iambettyphelps. “Look at y’all talking bout wearing black and worshiping God. What does dark colour clothes mean? Y’all hate the parents so much to the point of passing judgement on their kids.”

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