Can You Make Fluffy Cinnamon Rolls In An Air Fryer?

Five cinnamon rolls with icing
Five cinnamon rolls with icing - Melaniemaya/Getty Images

When you think of delicious and sweet baked goods that are served for breakfast, chances are decadent buttery cinnamon rolls come to mind. Apart from the fact that they smell divine, and so does the entire house when they're freshly made, they also can come together in a jiffy. If you use your fryer.

Wondering if an air fryer can achieve fluffy cinnamon rolls? The answer is yes -- when done at the right temperature and by paying close attention to the time spent in the air fryer. Turns out, you can get your fluffiest and tastiest batch of cinnamon rolls yet in just eight minutes.

There are a few ways to bake these breakfast beauties and many people enjoy tweaking their traditional recipes to elevate their cinnamon rolls to new heights. So, why not give this simple air fryer trick a try? Then you can be the judge of if these cinnamon rolls are fluffier than your usual batch.

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How Exactly Do Air Fryers Make Fluffy Cinnamon Rolls?

Fresh cinnamon rolls
Fresh cinnamon rolls - Nredmond/Getty Images

Contrary to what the name indicates, an air fryer does a lot more than fry. It is instead a convection oven that works by having very strong fans located at the top of the machine. These high-powered fans circulate hot air so fast that they bake, roast, or air fry the food in the compartment at a much faster speed than a regular oven.

As such, there are foods that do particularly well in an air fryer. Cinnamon rolls are a good example of this. This is due to the soft dough and adjustable size of this baked good. When smaller buns are baked in an air fryer, they can be spaced out nicely. This results in a beautiful exterior that is crispy and golden-brown in color, while the interior is soft and fluffy -- just like they're meant to be. Whether you choose to make the dough at home or buy store-bought dough, the cinnamon rolls come out just as fluffy when done in air fryer.

Things To Keep In Mind While Making Cinnamon Rolls In An Air Fryer

Cinnamon rolls in a pan
Cinnamon rolls in a pan - Gmvozd/Getty Images

It takes effort to perfect any dish, and making cinnamon rolls in an air fryer is no different. The most basic thing to keep in mind is the temperature, which should be around 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and that the cooking time should take approximately eight minutes. However, if you are baking them this way for the first time, you should check for doneness after a few minutes, as every machine is different. Always line the air fryer compartment with parchment paper. This will prevent making too much of a mess. Be sure to air fry them in batches so you avoid overcrowding.

To always have cinnamon buns on hand to throw in the air fryer, make a double or larger batch of the dough and freeze part of it. In fact, you could also freeze your fresh cinnamon rolls for later consumption if you don't frost all of them immediately. Pull them out a couple of days later, add the frosting on top and they are ready to be eaten whenever you have a craving.

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